Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's Not Easy But You Do It Anyway

One of the stories of the city since the storm has been the number of people who have found higher pay and better working environments in other cities and have not returned. In keeping with my positive vibe for the week, I would like to take this time to recognize all the people who came back home to serve the community. I work for a non profit organization. My position puts me in contact with social service providers throughout the city. Most of the staff is usually underpaid and over worked. They also have to deal with some serious circumstances. However, they still get up everyday and try to make the city better. It’s kind of difficult to know that you could move somewhere else and make more money without all the hassle of living in this environment. New Orleans has a habit of fighting back against people that try to make it better. Not everybody has been able to stay and put up with it but I appreciate and respect the effort if you tried. This also goes out to the police, fireman, nurses, first responders, doctors, teachers, and everyone else here trying to serve the public. I wish you guys got more recognition from out punk ass local media (I don't have anything positive to say about them). To all the people that left, I am not mad at you guys either. Just remember, if the spirit moves you we always have room for another soldier in the struggle.

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