Monday, August 6, 2007

Last week was a very angry week. I was upset about allot of things. Actually, I am usually upset about allot of things so I guess it was pretty normal. I believe in having balance in my life so this week I will not make one negative post about anything. I refuse to let the news and things around me bring me down. I won’t even mention the fact that Fred Thomas is still starting for the Saints and how they sucked last night or that we have a new employee here that resembles one of the witches from a Disney movie. I want to tell you all more about her but I am afraid if she see’s this and get mad she’s going to create a spell that turns me into a possum. We are just going to let her keep wearing that head scarf and stay out of her way. There will be no discussions about bridges, a hurricane (unless one is coming), the N-word, Mike Vick, black on black crime, or any of the other things that really piss me off. I won’t even discuss how I went down the Gulf Coast this weekend and every area looks better than New Orleans. I will even resist the temptation to curse the driver who made that big ass rock hit my truck window putting a crack in it (asshole). We won’t get into any of that. I’m just going to chill. Let a smile rain down on you this week. In order to set the mood for my week, I am combining two of my favorite things. I am dedicating today’s blog to Kristal from the WWE. There is only one thing I like better than pro wrestling and that’s pro wrestling when Kristal is on. This is going to be a great week!

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Book said...

LOL, Man Krystal Deleted her myspace page!! i guess its due to the storyline