Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sitting On My Porch Part Fifty

This blog post is oil spill free….....

For the last week I haven’t blogged about anything because I was trying to be distracted by trivial things so I could focus on work long enough to take a vacation without being paranoid. I was doing well with my plan thanks to the Lebron James sweepstakes ending with “The Decision” on ESPN. Then the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers Dan Gilbert and Jesse Jackson had to mess that up and bring up slavery discussion involving a 25 year old multi millionaire living on South Beach. I prefer to keep my racism and sports separate. I will say this. If the slaves could have ran to Miami with 100 million dollars I don’t think that letter would have pissed them off that much.

Chris Paul needs to not play with our emotions in New Orleans and just say he wants to leave and play with his friends like Lebron and Chris Bosh did.

How am I going to avoid the 20 Mel Gibson movies that I love since he's gone crazy?

I read this story about the majority of Americans lacking faith in President Obama. According to the story nearly 60% of Americans lack faith in the president to make the right decisions. That would be even more horrible if the same poll didn’t show that 68% of the same people lack faith in other Democrats and 72% lack faith in Republicans. This is just where the country deserves to be. Nobody trusts anyone. Now we just have to figure out how those same people that no one trusts are going to fix the same problems that we don’t trust them to fix. I’m going to start collecting aluminum cans. In my opinion there are two main issues I see that’s stopping everything from moving past the gridlock. The first thing is independent voters. Stop taking answering these polls about whether you are leaning left or right. You are supposed to be independent. Every time you change your mind before and issue is resolved based on something you hear on television then that side just keeps the same rhetoric until the polls stop moving. You are independent because you don’t associate totally with either party so keep it that way.

The other people I blame are everyone who lets emotion override their ability to think openly about what’s really going on. New Orleans is the perfect example of what happens when everyone votes on emotions instead of looking at the bigger picture. We voted to keep black political power we fought so hard to acquire but some of these people we voted for didn’t know what the hell they were doing. I think that’s happening in America as a whole now because everyone is emotional about what’s going on instead of trying to decide if the person stirring up the emotions knows anything about fixing the situation. There’s a difference between a campaign promise and just talking crazy. If a candidate tells you he’s going to go to Washington D.C and cut the deficit in half with tax cuts and eliminating entitlement programs then you can vote for him if that’s the philosophy that you think is best. On the other hand, if a candidate tells you he’s going to Washington D.C to cut the deficit by stopping the Health Care Bill because President Obama is training a commando unit of the New Black Panther Party that will still the first white baby born in each household then you need to shut up if you vote for that jackass and he doesn’t know the first thing about how a bill becomes a law. The worst thing your leaders can do to you is insult your intelligence and play with your emotions to hide their lack of ideas.

By the way, all the folks that follow Fox News like the gospel need to know that the average black person couldn’t name one person in the New Black Panther Party. I know you are trying to make the president who was raised by his white mother and grandparents who loved and adored seem like he hates white people but you have to do better than The New Black Panthers. There has to be more mainstream black racists than that. If the country is going to be divided for nothing then use someone we care about so we can participate too. Stop believing the hype.

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Pistolette said...

Fox is hilarious. I call it the apocalypse channel. You get the "ALERT of DOOM" chime with a big graphic for a missing blonde girl every 10 minutes. *sigh*

They make their money rousing conservatives and their deep-seated paranoid ideas. Fear sells, unfortunately.