Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random Thoughts On A Lazy Sunday

This blog might be kind of long because I am bored and have nothing to do but sit here and type whatever comes to my mind. It’s either this or watching shows about hoarding and murder all day because it’s not football season. I’m hoping it storms today because I spent all day yesterday in the hot sun and I don’t want to do it again. I love the water park in Gulfport but they really need more shade. You know what the sad thing about going to that park is? Half the people in the park are from the New Orleans area. We really should have one of these in a closer distance. If we start planning now a water park can replace the flooded Jazzland in ten years. That's about how long it will take to find people willing to invest in New Orleans East.

Normally on Sundays I would be getting ready for the work week but I have another five days of vacation. These vacations when I stay in the city would be more fun if I had more unemployed friends. The rest is good either way so I am glad I did it.

Excuse this moment of ego but I used to have 60 blog followers and now I only have 59. I want to know who the person is that stopped following me but I try so hard to act like it doesn’t matter if I have followers or not that I never studied the list long enough to have an idea who it was. I hope no one else stops following me because I have rejection issues.

You know we are living in stressful times when so many adults got choked up at the end of Toy Story 3.

The client management software we use at the job has warnings at certain points just to make sure you really want to do what you are about to. One of them says something like “Are you sure you want to add this client as a new client? Have you already checked to make sure this client wasn’t already in the system?” I really wish Twitter and Facebook had them for people who can’t control themselves when they type. It could read something like “Are you sure you want to leave this comment on the internet using your real name when family members, work colleagues and even people at your kids’ school can read this?” Social networking is killing discretion. I know way more about the personal lives of casual acquaintances then I ever wanted to know and they willingly shared it with me and 500 other random people. I have been blogging on this page for six years and I still manage to keep a lot of things to myself. You have to get your point across without going over the line because you never know whose reading.

New Orleans just managed to buy an old hospital building in New Orleans East and hopefully will have it open by the fall of 2013. It may seem like three years are a long way away but the old mayor had four years and couldn’t get a deal worked out. Between deals like this one and people just being prosecuted for crimes that happen during Katrina, it really feels like we are three years behind where we should be.

Is it okay to call the wildlife that gets moved to another state because the place they were living before was destroyed for something that wasn’t their fault refugees? The next time Jeff Corwin is on MSNBC releasing pelicans in Texas I want him to refer to them as refugee pelicans.

We are in the middle of a recession that includes high employment numbers and budget cuts all over the country in state and local governments. I’m sure there is an answer somewhere between the right and the left provided everyone just sits down and talks it through just like people do at their own homes. Somehow media personalities and people who have no bearing on anything like the New Black Panther Party and some guy name Mark Williams of the Tea Party that no one knows have turned the situation into a racial showdown. Whenever my dad would hear about some feud between neighborhoods or housing projects he would always say how stupid it was for them to be fighting when they were all poor, black, and part of the same system. I feel the same way about this current discussion.

The people who sent all those jobs overseas and who gambled with everyone’s money on Wall Street care about one color and that’s green. Now, if you honestly think that one of the reasons the country is in debt is because your tax dollars are being spent to take care of people in the inner city who don’t want to work then spend a few days in your nearest hood. I can guarantee you won’t find a utopia full of happy folks. You will probably find hundreds of people who would gladly switch places with you except no one gave them the education or access to do it. It’s not your fault personally that they didn’t have those things just like it’s not their fault you can’t find a job. Everyone knows its BP’s fault so let’s unite against those assholes.

I’ve been rocking this Sir Lucious Leftfoot album by Big Boi for the last week and all I am asking for is another Outkast album before I make 40. That gives them four years to put it together. I think that’s reasonable.


K. said...

It wasn't me who stopped following you, Cliff. I'll follow you twice if you want to get back to 60.

"Social networking is killing discretion."

I'll be quoting this line for some time! Greatness.

Anita said...

Your blog is in my Google Reader and I love me some Cliff's Crib and read you faithfully but have never clicked any "follow" button. Do you know that I follow you? I suspect you are not even counting me. Now whose feelings are hurt?

This is really a great post. You're a darn good writer for such a young man.

Anonymous said...

I'm still following you, and that says a lot. However, I noticed that "they" show me as being in the United States rather than various places in Maryland. Either way, I'm not in LA yet. I still wish you wrote for "Treme."

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Hehehe... Social Networking means the heavenship thingy is closer than we think, probably about Uranus (not mine!:) by now.
It's closer, as everything converges in the fall of the Patriarchy. But the Fat Lady gonna sing, Mon.

Facebook is a gloryhole for me but I only unfollow people on Twitter, if they just won't stop ya'know? Wake up in the morning and you have a whole page of one person tweeting every 10 minutes all night long. "My hamster has fleas! Who knows how to get fleas off of hamsters?" Editilla is like: "With a Hammer you Twit?"
Anyways, soon training camp. 9 days? I really enjoy The Crib.