Monday, October 29, 2007

Tuning It All Out Today

I truly love my job. I am one of those cats that get ready for the next work day as soon as he gets home from the previous one to make sure the morning goes smoothly. There are some Mondays however where the only word to describe how you feel about getting the work week started is………………SHIT!!

I guess today is one of those days. During days like this I am usually not up for any real stimulating conversation. I’m blocking things out. I guess that applies to this blog as well. I could write a letter to George Bush thanking him for making me realize how he screwed our recovery to make Blanco look bad from his comments last week. I could use the fact that there was a sellout crowd at a football game in San Diego to make the distinction between the fires and Katrina. I could make fun of all the email invitations from all these Myspace clones like Facebook, Multiply, Tagged and all that stuff. Why does it seem like the same person is joining these new networking sites and sending you an invite? Are they just sitting at home searching for them? I should be thanking that person for making my personal life feel a little less pitiful. Anyway, I won’t talk about any of that today. What I will do is share my Blue Monday mixtape. This is how I made it through the work day today (written as I played them). Feel free to put on your headphones really loud to mute the voices of your co-workers. Just make sure that if you are listening to something with explicit lyrics you hit the volume button when the cussing comes on and don’t sing along out loud. Yes, I have a catalog of music saved on my work computer. That’s a benefit of paying dues. At least I deleted all the Buffie The Body pictures.

  1. Back on my Grizzy – Lil Wayne (I’m guilty of liking this fool’s music too much)
  2. Groove Swing – Roi Anthony (Look it up!)
  3. Spirit in the Dark – Aretha Franklin live w/ Ray Charles
  4. Ms. Fat Booty – Mos Def (played 5 times in a row)
  5. Big Things Poppin – T.I.
  6. Soul Soul Soul – Wild Magnolias
  7. Mothership Connection – Parliament
  8. Sweet Sixteen – B.B. King
  9. My Soul Ain’t for Sale – Jazzy Jeff featuring Raheem Devaughn (Theme song)
  10. Be Alright – Zapp & Roger
  11. Adrenaline – The Roots & Beanie Sigel (played 10 times in a row)
  12. International Players Anthem – UGK ft. Outkast


Leigh C. said...

I coulda used that mix o' music today. Thanks!

Another Conflict Theorist said...

Peace Cliff,

I'm trying VERY hard to ignore the fact that you openly copped to liking Lil Wayne - and that you actually referred to his claptrap as "music."

Anyway, I had the blues all day today until I came home and watched a couple of scenes from the Boondock's..
1) That one where Gangstalicious is freestyling with the Tennis racket and the Hennessey and..
2) That one where Stinkmeiner and Uncle Ruckus find some common ground.

You can always count on the classics.

BigCheze said...

all i need is number 2, and i'll have that list, thanks big brother....



Anonymous said...

I miss you