Sunday, October 7, 2007

Game Day Tally

Price of Saints game ticket = Free…Thanks Shawn

Amount of money spent on drinks and food = 27.00

Number of blocks I had to walk in the rain to and from my parking space = 20

Days of work I am going to miss when the flu kicks in = 3

Number of people I heard seriously discussing harming the kicker = 273,000

Watching the Saints bring all of New Orleans together in disappointment = PRICELESS!

Fatherhood and Katrina have changed my perspective because this was one of those games five years ago I probably would have scared little children in the Superdome with my rage. Teena Marie has to be a Saints fan because she wrote the perfect lyric to describe how we usually feel. She wrote “I can feel this for sure. I’ve been here before”. This is truly strange times for me in the 504. Nothing is really the same. I don’t have anyone in the Lower Ninth Ward to visit. I can’t go to the lake after dark. There is not one good po boy place, snowball stand, or hole in the wall in walking distance of my residence. Last week in the cradle of the city’s culture Treme, a musician went to jail for honoring the deceased with a second line. In a strange way the Saints being pitiful so far this year feels very normal and relaxing. Now all we need is for one of our backups to get traded to another team and become a hall of fame player while Reggie Bush runs that wide sweep for no gain for the next seven years. Then it will all make sense. Until somebody on this team does something to win a game Saintsation DiAnne is the MVP of the season.

You know what? I have a good score for you.


J.S. Clark 18
De La Salle 6

Our first win Post Katrina at Joseph S. Clark Senior High School!


Another Conflict Theorist said...

Yeah, despite what I'd hoped would be a stellar season, the Saints really do stink this year. I can't understand it. They've got virtually the same team that they had last year.

BigCheze said...



Breez said...

Joe Horn put a root on them. . .