Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jail Ain't Cute

Too many brothers daily heading for tha big penn Niggas commin' out worse off than when they went in

Trapped by Tupac

I find if fascinating she went on Larry King talking about jail like it was some trip to Mecca or something. I am glad rich people find prison so enlightening and amusing. Let me tell you what prison means to me. Prison is where one of my best friends from childhood went for stealing a shirt and came home knowing how to do all kinds of major felonies. Prison is where a brother can lose ten years, the right to vote and all ties with his children for a ten dollar piece of crack. Prison is how men come home to their women after years of “jailhouse love” and spread HIV all through the community. I am glad Larry King and Paris finds it so cute. I find nothing special about it. No reporters are out there when Pookie gets out of jail. There is just a bunch of people trying to figure out a way to make him pay for being there the rest of his life. Prison is the reason that even though I haven’t did nothing to anybody, when a police car is behind me I think to myself “I hope nobody with a car like this did anything stupid”. I bet you if they put Paris ass back on level 3 with Laquita and Big Mama her ass wouldn’t have had much to tell Larry King. I bet you Lil Kim wasn’t isolated.

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Bliss said...

now ain't THAT the truth? like you, even tho i'm an upstanding law abiding citizen, i get nervous when a police car rolls out behind me or drives beside me. cuz we know that in america, sometimes the only thing we are guilty of is driving/breathing/talking/walking while being BLACK.