Friday, June 15, 2007

Fighting the Man and Hurting Your Brother

I love working with intelligent black people. Intelligence is not always an indication of having the proper perspective.There is a sister that collaborates with me on work matters. For the last month she has been making a big deal about my director not responding to her request as quickly as she thinks he should. I have come to realize that she is just doing this to make herself seem more efficient and hide the flaws of her department (like waiting until the last minute to ask for shit that they knew about six months ago). The director of her agency actually called a meeting to address some concerns. We had the meeting, worked everything out and now the Nubian queen is back to the same thing because my director decided to take a well deserved vacation without reading her mind first to know about all the request she forgot to ask for. I am about to pull her ass to the side and tell her to be quiet. Everyday she calls me to complain about the guy I work for? She tells me all the complaints she has given to her director then follows that with the statement "I made sure I told her it wasn't you Cliff. I told her we never have any problems". Why would you complain if I handle everything immediately? Does she think her request is more valid if the white man acknowledges it? Maybe she feels disrespected. I'm searching for a reason why she would put my quality of work into question with her vendetta against him.

In a five day work week I may only see my director twice. I set my own itinerary and I make my own rules. If there is something going on and I want to get up and leave or come to work at noon instead of morning I can without any notice. The reason why the white dude doesn't respond quickly is because I take care of every single aspect of my department so he doesn't have to (Ebonics translation: I got this on lock!).Even if he did respond to her immediately the only thing he would say is "Cliff is going to take care of it". He runs about three different programs and I take care of mine so well and so efficiently that he has given me almost complete freedom (I don't have access to the budget).This is why I need to pull her ass to the side and explain that in her quest to slander the white guy and make herself more relevant, she is about to fuck up my good thing. If she keeps this up, he's going to end up having to micro-manage everything just to cover his own ass. If that happens then I will send a friend dressed as a cleaning lady to her office and plant a nickel bag in her desk then make an anonymous call from a pay phone to report it to her main office. The moral of the story is: Sometimes we get too caught up in our obsession with the other man and mess things up for the brother man.


Bliss said...

Lawd have mercy, don't you just hate workplace "issues"? And people who can't leave THEIR issues at home and come to work to do their job? Does that sista get her nails did? Cuz she MIGHT just be inhaling too many fumes from the remover, polish, and QuikDry! '-)

mominem said...

As a white dude who appreciates your perspective, why is everyone involved identified by race?

I've had pretty much the same situation in a lily white organization and in an organization where the dominate power was black.

From my own perspective, I'd prefer to work with stable intelligent people regardless of colour, there are so few of us.

Clifton said...

Everyone is identified that way only because that's the way she approaches our conversations. In the context of this story race is one of her main issues.