Monday, May 21, 2007

Worst Playoffs Ever

I would like to thank the San Antonio Spurs for getting rid of Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Playoffs. I was really getting tired of hearing how a guy who has never won a championship is the greatest player of all time. He’s not even the best player on that team. That would be Shawn Marion. Now, I can pull for Utah because I don't like the Spurs either. This has been the worst playoffs I have seen since I started watching basketball. After Golden State got eliminated it was over. There is too much goodwill going on around the league. Before game six of the Bulls and Pistons series, the players were still hugging and smiling with one another. Isaiah and Magic were damn near best friends and by game four they weren't even speaking to one another when they played in the finals. The NBA drafts these brothers from the neighborhood then they try to de-negro everybody and turn them into robots so the millionaires in the front row don't feel threatened. Now the playoffs look just like a regular season game in December. What's up with all these so-called superstars not taking over games when it matters? At least Steve Nash did go down with a fight. I guess if you have millions of guaranteed money it doesn't matter if you win or not. This is why David Stern has to rig the off season so the Lakers can get better and Kobe can at least make the conference finals every year.

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Another Conflict Theorist said...

I like Deron Williams (the only cat still worth watching in these playoffs) and I like Boozer but I can't root for any team representing the state of Utah. Despite that fact that I'm not terribly fond of the Spurs, Utah fans, in general, just make me uncomfortable.

I also have to add that I'm hoping the playoffs come to a speedy finish if only to have Magic's commentary - 'When do I be Jordan and when do I be Earvin?' (this regarding LeBron James) - come to a merciful end.

I mean, I know what the brother is trying to say but Jesus!