Sunday, May 6, 2007

How Real Gangsters Do It

George Tenet was director of the CIA leading up to the Iraq War. He’s the guy that signed off on all the intelligence evidence against Iraq that Bush and Cheney were making speeches about. He’s the man that helped Colin Powell set up that presentation to the United Nations. He gave us the “slam dunk evidence”. Our president gave him the Medal of Freedom for his work. Once the war started, all the slam dunk evidence slowly started to come up short. There was no uranium, no weapons of mass destruction, and no links to Sadaam and Al Queda. George Tenet basically helped the president and his band of thugs trick the public into going to war that we didn’t need to fight. Kids are still dying there today trying to play referee to a civil war. After all of that, guess what happened to Mr. Tenet? He got to write a book and admit that all the evidence and presentations were bullshit. He’s been on national TV everyday to promote it and is making enough money to put his great, great grandchildren through college. Only in America can you damage thousands of lives during your public service then step down and make millions talking about it. The least he could do is donate half to the families of the troops. No one in this administration will ever get punished for any of this bullshit. This is just like the Godfather.

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