Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Drama and Stupidity

My generation has a habit of generalizing everything. Maybe it’s the lack of quality education. I don’t know if that’s the reason or not but we describe life situations with one word phrases. There’s hate, beef, shine, games and a few others. I will discuss all of these in due time but today we will discuss my favorite. Let’s talk about drama. If you just browse the internet on any African American website you will see the word drama over and over. It will appear particularly in anything written by women under 40. You might see this sentence a lot “I am tired of all the drama and games.“ In the dictionary, one of the definitions of drama is A situation or succession of events in real life having the dramatic progression or emotional effect characteristic of a play.
In the hood drama means anything that is not part of a regular life situation that might cause the other person stress. A good example would be someone who has a jealous girlfriend. This would be considered drama in hood terms. The problem we have is that we can’t distinguish drama from someone just being stupid. If you look at the first part of the definition it says a “situation or succession of events.” Everybody has that from time to time. We all have drama and it’s usually a mistake or something we couldn’t control of see ahead of time. Your kid being ill is drama. Being stuck on a roof surrounded by water in 100 degree weather is drama. Having an argument with your boss is drama. Most of the other stuff we describe as drama is just stupidity. Since I love my people so much and believe in helping everyone, I am now going to teach everyone the difference. Please feel free to print this out and give it to anyone that you feel needs to read this. It may change someone’s life.

Example One

If you meet a woman that got married or had a child for a guy that happens to be a junkie, alcoholic, maniac that drives pass her house every 30 minutes to make sure she is still there and not seeing anybody……That’s Drama.

If you meet a woman that has four kids and all of their dads are like that?……Stupidity!

Example Two

If you know a guy who is not speaking to his mom right now because of a money dispute……That’s Drama

If you know a guy who’s mama is in hiding because he wants to bust a cap since she owes him money for smoking up all the weed……..Stupidity!

Example Three

Every now and then you meet someone you really like. You want to build something with them but this person hasn’t turned the corner on adulthood yet. You might have a conversation about life and the only thing this person can tell you is how they are going to sign with Jay Z at Def Jam or be the next Beyonce. They might sit around all day and not go to work or school because they are still trying to find themselves. This is very common among young people. Your frustration waiting around for them to get going…….That’s Drama

If the person going through all of this is over 30 years old?…………..Stupidity and run like hell!

I hope this blog helps just one person understand the difference.

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