Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Already Know What's Happening

I have never done re-posted anything on this blog before. Since 32 people have been shot in New Orleans since Friday I am sure it's time for our yearly conversation about what's causing it all when we already know. I have already said all I can say about these issues and its a challenge to keep coming up with new ways of saying the same thing over and over. This was originally posted in April of last year. It all still fits.

Kill The Culture

I am tired about writing about the same thing because that means it keeps happening.

For many years now we have had this sad acceptance of violence as long as the victims fit a certain profile that said they were in the street game. As long as they description of the people involved in the stories included the words young, black, corner, and drugs were found on the scene we just sucked it up and moved on. We are all guilty of being silent and dismissive. Some of us are even guilty of giving the street soldier more admiration than an everyday hard working man. We’ve had a love affair with the thug even though we know there’s a good chance he might not live long or destroy the community. It became such an acceptable way of living that it spawned its own culture. It has its own music, dress, and language. Now the virus has mutated and that invisible wall that existed to keep the acceptable level of death between young black males is breaking down and we are having infants, children, and young girls just starting life all falling victim to the same ignorance we let get out of hand.

We have to kill the culture. It's the only way. The only way we save the people in the culture is to stop letting them think it's cool to be that way. You can't come up with all these great solutions in the midst of people living the problem as a lifestyle. We have to teach the little kids that the stupid shit they think is cool really isn't. We have to stop letting people talk up drugs, murder, violence and a lack of respect for women. We have to eliminate stupid ass words like "haters" and "beef" that people actually harm one another for like that is a good reason. This is no hate at all. No one loves me more than my dad and he never let me make excuses for anything. If we love these brothers and sisters then we can't make excuses for them either. The idea that thug culture is somehow interwoven with survival is false. The last time I checked, black people made it through a lot of challenging times without having to slaughter one another. We'll be just as black and cool without going to war with one another all the time. The babies won't live if this culture doesn't die.


Susanna Powers said...

Hi Cliff, This bears re-posting. I linked to your original post last April. take care, sp

K. said...

It really does come down to saving the children, doesn't it? You'd think we could all agree on how important that is -- I mean, they're innocent and they're the future.

Anita said...

I read recently that Tootie Montana was credited as the person most responsible for changing the battle between Indian tribes from actual violence into aesthetic competitions. Certainly something changed it.

There's an old saying, "He who can, must." You've got a wonderful voice and you know what you're talking about. Keep speaking out. Please, keep speaking out.