Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sitting On My Porch Part Forty Three.....Continued

I am sitting here watching the last few rounds of the NFL Draft and I just saw something really different. I just saw a young black athlete fall in the draft because teams are worried that he’s too smart. I could see stories like that every year and be good with it. I wish Myron Rolle well.

I want to clear up something from yesterday’s post just in case it wasn’t clear. The scene in Treme where Chief Lambreaux beats the hell out of that kid could definitely be a real story and that’s the part that pissed me off. If it was so far fetched that I thought it could never happen I wouldn’t have been affected by it. That’s how David Simon shows go. My concern all along was how the world would react to that side of my city being out there to digest. I knew eventually something would happen that made me uncomfortable. I felt the same way when I watched the Wire and Wallace got murdered at the hands of his own friends. That was just as hard to watch because it happens in real life all the time too. It’s always rough to me when someone puts your business in the street. Like I said, I tend to take things personally.

I didn’t blog during the week or read any because for some reason my employer actually expected me to earn my paycheck. I am sitting here today realizing that a lot of people have been lead to this blog by other local bloggers. If you are reading this blog because someone else told you about me I just want to say that all of those people are very smart.

Arizona has a new immigration law that allows law enforcement to stop and check the identification of anyone they think could be an illegal alien. I don’t know how you can get this accomplished without profiling everybody. We have a lot of Hispanic workers here in New Orleans since the storm and I can’t tell who’s illegal and who’s not. They are all the same people. I heard on MSNBC this morning that the majority of Hispanic Americans in Arizona support the bill. We’ll see how they feel about it after a few months of getting pulled over to show their driver’s license. There’s got to be a better way to do this.

Meanwhile back in my neighborhood there’s a new shopping area opening. I am proud to say it has all the essential ingredients of economic development in black neighborhoods of New Orleans.

Nail shop – Check!
Hair product store – Check! (They even named it Beyonce Hair Supply for that added flavor)
Chinese food restaurant – Check!
Rent A Center – Check!

All we need now is one of those clothing stores that spell all the words with z’s at the end like Urban Trendz and a check cashing/ pay day loan place and we are on the fast track to economic development. I’m not even going to mention our new Dollar General store because I don’t want to speed up the gentrification of my neighborhood.

I am ending this post to start enjoying some traditional New Orleans weekend beverages. (Don’t search for that on the internet. I am only talking about beer.) Before I shut it down I want to dedicated “Freaky People” by the Crowd Pleasers to the employees at the SEC who were watching porn while the economy was collapsing. On one hand I am a little disturbed because if you can’t watch Internet porn for a full eight hour shift then you need to be in the same program Tiger Woods went to for some help with that addiction. On the other hand I guess if you are sitting there realizing the despair that is headed to the country when foreclosures and unemployment skyrockets while at the same time 401K’s and retirement funds are going under watching some porn is a pretty harmless way to try and cope with it. I don’t know if that’s why they were doing it or not but if it is then I understand. Jada Fire beats jumping out of a window or coming to work with a gun any day of the week.


K. said...

How did the Saints do in the draft? The Seahawks had three pretty good days, I think. We're a long way from being in the Saints' class, but it looks like the team just got better.

ferngrrl said...

Cliff, a close friend's mother refers to those stores you mention as "Mr. Man" stores. She and I remember the old Gentilly Woods Shopping Center when it had Maison Blanche, Sears, Father & Sons shoes, Woolworth's, etc. Over the years, things changed and it got a bunch of Mr. Man stores.