Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Performance Review

The state legislators just approved a raise for themselves. Governor Jindal is not going to veto it. Maybe he thinks this is a way of keeping down corruption. The first thing that I find funny about the raise is that there is no way any of these people are living solely on 16,000 a year anyway. The second part that I find funny is that the sponsor of this bill is Senator Ann Duplessis. I heard her say on the radio today that the pay raise is needed because of all the time spent trying to open Charity Hospital and other hospitals around the city and in her district. Well, I live and drive through her district everyday. I have long given up on reading about plans for future development in the city. I judge everything by what I can see with my own two eyes because around here if you can’t see it then you can’t say it’s coming. With that in mind, I not only think Senator Duplessis shouldn’t get a pay raise. She should send everyone in her district a check for 500.00 with an apology for the lack of recovery.

If Bobby Jindal signs this bill it will be proof of my theory that political systems in this country or designed so the folks in power can’t lose it to the principles of one person.


mominem said...

Looks like the Senator is eating pretty well to me.

I think the pay raise issue has been given a pass by the medic who have failed to report on the total compensation given legislators. This includes their per diem for every day they "work" I think it's $130 a day.

Their expense allowances and the perks they each individually control, including tickets to sporting events, and scholarships.

The former package, according to someone who knows is about $45K for about half time work.

Anonymous said...

The state legislators do not need a pay raise. US working people need the damn raise. I agree they are not living off 16,000. Hell I looked at that and was like they would be working with the citizens who work at hotels, supermarkets etc. If and only if that was the total amount of money being received. I am not suprised because Bobby Jindal will not veto the bill. Everybody think or thought he had the working people as his concern. My mom worked for the state for 27 years, while he was over Health and Hospitals he didn't do a damn thing or give them a raise. The ads that were shown about him before his election were TRUE. I think I'm getting angry. LOL! WE THE PEOPLE NEED that raise and he need to sign a damn bill to find my friend's stimulus and give us a MONTHLY STIMULUS from the STATE with this high gas. LOL!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

so whats new, no more recess is on

Anonymous said...

When will Ann be mailing my check? T.