Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekends Post Katrina........

May is the best month to live in New Orleans. It’s hot enough to do just about any outdoor activity but the humidity isn’t so brutal you can’t stand to be outside. Its not hurricane season yet so everyone’s stress level is a little lower than it will be in June. This is the time of year that you see more people on the lake front or in the parks working out or just chillin. That’s the reason I am writing this from outside under this big ass oak tree in my back yard.

I’m enjoying one of my Ashley Morris dedicated cigars and I am playing the music from the 10GBs of files I have on my laptop. If I can play something loud enough to disturb my stupid neighbor then that is a bonus. I’m thinking if I play one of these hip hop songs no one her age understands it may draw her out. I got a few songs that might make her move back to Houston. I hope she does come her ass outside because this time if she comes with one of her tirades I can feel good about it because she will actually have a legitimate reason to be angry. I hate being hated for nothing. I’m also enjoying a glass or three of St. Remy brandy. Say what you will about the French but they make good liquor.

I’m just sitting here thinking to myself why it seems my attitude changes from Friday to Sunday. I have made lots of progress not giving that storm that happened three years ago power over how I live on a daily basis. On Monday thru Thursday I am fine. It’s the weekend when I realize just how much things have changed. I have always set out here alone from time to time because I like to have solitude to get my own thoughts together. I really think I have too much alone time now. I get invited places and could be gone everyday if I wanted to but for some strange reason whenever I do something on the weekend or the holidays it reminds me that people are no longer here in the same capacity as they were before. I would rather sit here alone then go to someone else’s function so they can remind me of all the things I don’t have anymore.

Anything I say beyond this point may just offend, hurt, or anger people that are in the city with me now. I don’t want it to seem like this is a reflection on anyone. I am cool and content with being the only person in my inner circle still this bothered. That makes sense to me since I am still looking for this dude name Randy that hit me in the back on McDonald 19 Elementary School’s yard in the second grade. If you reading this Randy, you better be in training for when I see you. I know I hold onto things for awhile. I guess that’s just how I was born.

At least the cigars are good. I went to the front yard and could hear my music loud and clear. That means my neighbor can hear it so later on I might have to speak to the NOPD. The ice in my glass hasn’t melted so my brandy is still nice and cold. It’s a cloudy day so the sun isn’t shining and putting a glare on the screen so I don’t have to go inside and get my glasses. It’s been a great day. Besides, gas is too high for all that aimless driving anyway.

Of course, this entire post could just be a way of not admitting my laziness to get up and do something. Where's E.J.? I need some analyzing from a pro.


Leigh C. said...

Ahhh, a cigar dedicated to AshMo. I wish he were here to share one with you.

And, as for the way things have changed with regards to pre-storm and post-storm, I think the rest of the country is starting to feel things like the crunch of higher gas prices and other stuff - but they can't ever get the fact that, in this place, large numbers of people are still DISplaced, and it still hurts. Badly.

E.J. said...

I don't believe in "laziness" as a cause. It's the result of something.

As for you, Cliffy, do whatcha gotta do, as long as you make it a point to get out to a weekend event at least once a month. Relaxing at home more could also just be a product of aging.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going back into my closet to avoid anyone who might show up unannounced.

Clifton said...

After I posted this and read it back to myself I realized that this whole thing could be the cause of football season being 3 months away.

Thanks for your help. You can go back to the closet now.

Anonymous said...

I'm with E.J. about the relaxing at home being a "product of aging". Other than the multitude of festivals going on around here, hubby & I prefer hometime.

Yeah, the storm changed everything. Whether for the good or bad remains to be seen.

Hope your neighbor was p.o.'d enough to make it enjoyable for you.


Anonymous said...

I know the weekends are lonely for you considering how you were brought up. When the weather was good, we would hook a crabbing trip. We did need a lot of money. Just enough for gas, snacks and bait. Those were the good old days. I am in Memphis longing for a good crabbing trip. In two weeks, I will be going home to see me my big son and my grandchildren. I will be in heaven. I intend to cherish every moment of it. It will be an extremely good trip because it will be your birthday. I knew you were special then and you are special now. See you in 2 weeks. I can hardly wait. As far as football season goes, you have been like that every season. Every season, you give up on the Saints and every season, and every season you are there. LOYAL SAINTS FAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

SW passed this info on to me and I'm jumping on it.


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