Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The MVP Down Here

I am not going to be the bandwagon fan because I don’t like those people.

I have been a member of the Kobe Bryant fan club since he started with the Lakers and a Lakers fan since I was five. Not only that, I know for a fact he was in New Orleans helping the kids even before The Hornets came back so I will not bash him or his MVP because Chris Paul lost. There will be no Kobe bashing on this blog ever. You can't say he didn't deserve the award.

I do have a problem with the voting being such a wide margin. Kobe got 82 first place votes to Chris Paul’s 28 votes. The Lakers only had a better record by one game. Plus, Memphis let them make a trade for a seven foot Spanish dude that can dunk without leaving his feet. David West is good but he can’t do that so Chris Paul should have gotten the benefit of the doubt. Does anyone other than sports fanatics like me realize that Chris Paul had the best statistical year for a point guard ever? It was better than both of Steve Nash's MVP years. How does he not get more first place votes?

Even without the MVP Chris Paul is approaching legendary status in New Orleans. He has a chance to be the black Archie Manning (local people will understand that). We have had so many people come here to play and you could tell that they were here for the paycheck. Sometimes it feels like they are being forced to live here against their will. This kid actually wants to be here. That makes him special, crazy or both. Anyone that lives here can agree that this is one place you can’t fake liking. You either love being here or you are miserable and can’t wait to leave. I would like to thank Chris Paul for shining on the national stage and letting the world know he is representing the Gulf Coast and it’s crazy major city……..and being proud of it.


Anonymous said...

Bad, Bad, Man.

I look forward to the powers that be allowing Mr. Paul to take his rightful place amongst the elite and get on TV where the world can see him more than just when he plays against your team.

Leigh C. said...

Chris Paul is indeed the best sportsman to play in this city, attitude-wise and all-around player-wise, since Archie Who. Those folks are rare, period. It is also making me wish I could see a Hornets game in that big ol' upside bathtub we call the Arena.

Mark Folse said...

Whatever it is that's gotten under Pauls (and Peyton's and Bush's) skin, I'm damned glad to have them. And in spite of all of the stupidity and frustration, there is still something in the air hear, an air of possibility both for restoration and for change that it has to be intoxicating on top of the usual attractions that keep people here once they've had a taste.