Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Registration Blues Part 4.........My Mistake

I have a correction to make from my last registration post. Apparently I got my registration rules confused between schools and she is not enrolled in school yet. See, school A has a lottery if they get a number of qualified applicants above available slots. I won’t know about that one until July. School B has a lottery after they have reached the number of qualified kids. The high lottery number I have is now only good if we tear down a few more neighborhoods and ship those folks out of town. The question I have now is if people have been applying for schools years before their children are actually eligible to enroll, why are they still taking applications? Why not just put a “Full” sign on the door so parents can go somewhere else and not waste that sick day from work. This particular school also gives preference to kids who have siblings already enrolled. That means that a parent with five kids can be on easy street if she can get that first one to test high enough to be accepted. Her other four kids can be slow as molasses and still get in.

The obvious solution is to just make all the schools equal and then we won’t have this problem. As great as that idea sounds we are too busy experimenting with all these different charter school organizations to do that. Just in case someone is reading this and thinking that I am being a selfish angry parent. I know three people who are going through the exact same thing and I talked to all three today. The problem is that no one really wants their kids to go to a Recovery District school. There are several reasons for this.

The first one is that no one really knows where they are. The second one is everyone is scared to have their kids going to school and fighting all the time. This may not be a reality but its what everyone assumes. The third reason is that the charter schools appear to offer so much more for free. Who wouldn’t fight to get their kids in an innovative school for free and save the tuition money. The thought of spending money on this school stuff as a way to escape instead of a choice is bothering me. Maybe the recovery schools are not that bad. If the kids don’t learn anything at least our tourism industry will have fresh new labor to clean hotel rooms and sweep up the French Quarter. That will make King Rex and all the other elite bastards whose kids will be born into management positions happy.


Leigh C. said...

Damn damn damn. This is so, so awful. I'm sorry, Cliff, I am.

Anonymous said...

They are not born into management they are born into ownership, things change, things stay the same.