Wednesday, April 2, 2008

From Me to Bernadine

For all the times you had to come outside in your pink robe when I stayed out too long.

For the days we danced in the kitchen.

For giving me your eyes even though they don't open that wide like my daddy.

For the time I forgot my mouthpiece for the football game and you came on the sideline to bring me one.

For anytime you thought your kids were the best at anything even if everyone else thought differently.

For saying No and not caring what the rest of the mamas in the hood did.

For knowing how to cook the cabbage until it’s brown and sweet.

For knowing I like my gumbo with lots of File`.

For knowing that something is wrong with me even without me saying anything.

For every time I had a problem with a company or situation and thought to myself

“mama gonna handle this for me and you did”

For showing me how a wife is supposed to be loyal.

For helping me keep it together to keep everybody else together after Katrina.

For teaching me to love Aretha Franklin.

For 1,275 plays of the Solomon Burke Soul Alive album.

For being willing to quit a job before you missed a school play or awards show for your kids.

For always fighting back.

For being protective and supportive.

For being my friend.

For having as much to do with the man I am as daddy does.

For being the first woman I ever fell in love with.

For already knowing that I cried when I wrote this.

For my number one fan…

Happy Birthday Mama.

This song is for you.....


Leigh C. said...

Happy Birthday, Cliff's mama!

Best news I've heard all day.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday cliff mama!
i teared when i read this poem due to the fact that i love my moma and daddy sooooooooo much that i would not be able to put it down as cliff has. when you love your parents to the point that it surpass your soul that is when you know you totally connected to those people thanks cliff that was great kiss and hugs

Anonymous said...

Cliff you are soooo sweet! That's why you are my friend. Happy Birthday Ms. Bernadine. Thanks for help molding Cliff into the gentle, caring, respectful man he is.
P.S. I forgot that you told me Ms, Bernadine was an aries too. From your poem and stories I know she is good people. with that said I'm singing the Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to Ya!, Happy Birthday to Ya! Happy Birthday Day!
I wish your mom many, many more Birthdays and that gumbo full of file' for her first born.
P.S. again you know where you can get that bowl that is second best to your mom's gumbo. Love, Your girl Sweet A!

DebC said...

Never mind!!!!!!! Figured it out.

Just damn "Beautiful!!!"

Mz Flo said...

Happy Birthday to you Ms. Bernadine! Cliff made me cry reading this beautiful ode to you. You must be a phenomenal lady, b/c you sure did something right in raising him. Blessings to you on your day.

bayoucreole said...

Happy Birthday Cliff's mom!
You raised one heckuva guy...enjoy your day!

E.J. said...