Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sorry About That Avery

New Orleans is the world capital for jacked up circumstances.

Last night I was sitting at my favorite spot celebrating Chris Paul, David West and the rest of the Hornets absolute ass kicking of the Dallas Mavericks for our first NBA playoff series win ever. It was even sweeter that we beat a Texas team for it. I was starting to plan my budget for season tickets next year.

So what happens today?

One of our favorite native sons Avery Johnson gets fired. We can never just celebrate without a hint of bad news in it. Of all the coaches we could have beat bad enough to get them fired it had to be him.

They shouldn’t have fired Avery. It’s not his fault he’s got a weed head small forward and a big German who falls down and slides 20 feet if someone touches his finger. Now I got to hope another coach gets fired so Avery can get another job.


A.F. said...

I have to say I haven't been following the Hornets, which is inexcusable.

Regardless, though, your first line will live long in my mind:

"New Orleans is the world capital for jacked up circumstances."

Leigh C. said...

Shit on a stick, as my mother would say...

These are the kind of circumstances that have people I know shrinking inward and cringing, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Coaches of any high-profile sport seem to get the ax indiscriminately all too often these days, but DAMN...