Thursday, February 15, 2007

Building Them Up

Last week I wrote about the tragic story of two young men. One is deceased and the other’s life is destroyed after a fist fight turned into a shooting. I asked the people that might come across this blog to send me names of positive brothers since I was tired of getting beat down by all the negativity. The site of that kid on the front page of the paper with his gun and money really depressed me. I was only hoping to have 100 names. I received over 200. Thanks to everyone who sent me an email or a comment. I only have a very small number of readers. If I have 200 names imagine what would happen if would ask for the same thing. You would have hundreds of thousands of us. That means that we really don’t have an excuse for people for any of our brothers to be like they are. I’m going to do my part. I just don’t know exactly what it is yet. We have to build them up. I’m going to build these brothers up right here.

Ade Young
Freddie Wilson lll
Mr. Alfred Givens
Pastor Perry Wainwright
Albert Baptiste
George Thomas
Mr. Alton Celestine
Pastor Philip Davis
Alonzo McGhee
Gregory Anthony Clayton
Mr. Andre McCoy Sr.
Pastor Raymond Watson Jr.
Alphonso Sims
Haywood Cavett Jr.
Mr. Anthony Johnson
Pastor Robert Davis
Alvin St. Cyr
Henry McCathen
Mr. Billy Perkins
Pastor Troy G. Peters Sr.
Andre Wilson
Henry Smith Sr.
Mr. Cedric R. Williams
Pastor William Davis
Andrew Burrell
Herman Reese III
Mr. Cleophus Green Sr.
Patrick Mcdowell
Anthony Curry
Isaac Evans
Mr. Clifton J. Harris Sr.
Perry Bolden
Antoine McGhee
Jai Atkins
Mr. Corwin D. Broady Sr.
Phillip Martin
Antone Estes
James Mcdowell
Mr. Curtis Woods Sr.
Randy Verdin
Antonio Gaines
James Reid
Mr. Darvin Dotson
Ray Johnson
Augustus Robinson
Jason DeJesus
Mr. Dwayne Taylor
Raymond Southall
Ayo Young
Jason Turner
Mr. Edward Williams Jr.
Reginald O'Neal
Benjamin Cisrow
Jasper Howard
Mr. Elwod Mitchell
Rev. Arthur Harris
Bishop Oscar Francis
Jefferey Johnson Sr.
Mr. Eric Wright
Rev. Darrell Knight
Brandon Cooper
Jeffery Turner
Mr. Fabian Ballard
Rev. Jessie Williams
Brandon Harris
Jerald Harris
Mr. Frank Hubbard, Jr.
Ricardo Davis
Brian Monroe
Jeremie Buie
Mr. Frank Hubbard, Sr.
Robert Eames Jr.
Brien Richard
Jerome Magee
Mr. George Roberson
Robert Ellis
Bryant Thornton
Jesse Magee
Mr. Gregory Watson
Roderick Fleming
Calvin Brumfield
Jessie Ricks, Sr.
Mr. Harold Garrett
Roderick Wright
Charles Casimere
Joe Gayten
Mr. Ivy Lee Perkins
Ron Sterling
Charles McPherson
John Boykin Sr.
Mr. Jack Givens
Ronald Robinson
Charles Phillips
John Morton
Mr. Jerido
Ronald Russell
Chief L. Charles Gaines
John Thomas Robertson
Mr. John Williams
Roy Cager Jr.
Christopher Lorenzo Williams
Jon Miguel
Mr. Johnny Griffin Sr.
Sam Taylor
Christopher Small
Joseph Corley
Mr. Joseph Perkins Jr.
Samuel Young
Christopher Turner
Joseph Davis Sr.
Mr. Joseph Perkins Sr.
Sean Rosser
Clarence L. Long
Joseph Green
Mr. Kenric Polart
Shaun Evans
Clarence White
Justin Gaudet
Mr. Lanny Scharpon, Sr.
Stacey Thomas
Corey Jackson
JW Moore
Mr. Lawrence Moody
Terrell Haynes
Corey Mickel
Keith Ambrose
Mr. Lawrence Williams Sr.
Terrence Thomas
Dale Robinson
Keith Smith
Mr. Lloyd Harris
Terry Smith Jr.
Dalton Scott
Kenneth Johnson
Mr. Louis Burnett
Theodore Spence
Damon Williams
Kenyatta Arnette
Mr. Marlon Adkins
Timothy Pugh
Danny Tyler
Lamar Smith
Mr. Patrick Harris
Tom Hillard
Darly Finch
Larry Alberts
Mr. Rasheed Lacour
Tommy Cavett
Darrell Mc Cloud
Larry Taylor
Mr. Ray Parker Roberts Jr.
Tommy Lee Ricks
Darrius Epps
Larry Turner
Mr. Raymond Watson Sr.
Tommy Tobias Sr.
Darryl Fleming
Lee Estes
Mr. Robert Bateman
Tony Gaines
Darryl Shuford
Lewis Ridgley
Mr. Sean Watson
Tony Lee
Darryl Tate
Lionel Grant
Mr. Shawn Hubert
Torey Bullock
David Baker
Lorenzo Bradley
Mr. Sol Williams III
Tory Anderson
David Tate
Lt. Sheldon C. Matthews
Mr. Sol Williams Jr.
Tory Anderson
Derek Jones
Lyric Anderson
Mr. Sterling Young
Troy Lawrence, Pastor
Diallo Jackson
Marcus Moore
Mr. Thomas R. Peters Sr.
Troy Louis Raymond Southall
Douglas James Robinson
Marcus Parham
Mr. Travis A. Peters
Tyran Grainger
Dwayne Butler
Mark Cullota
Mr. Trevor Brister
Waddell B. Penn III
Dwayne Hills
Markee K Cooper
Mr. Walter Harris
Walter Smith Sr.
Eddie Lawrence Robinson
Marvin Martin
Mr. William L. Harris Jr.
Walter Wade Harris
Eddie Scott Jr.
Maurice Cullota
Mr. Willie T. Marshall
Wayne Johnson
Edgar Lane
Maurice Gilford
Nate Williams
William Owens, Jr.
Edward James
Meina Mwura
Olu Young
William Wilson
Emmanuel Mahand
Melvin Lamar
Oscar Cavett
Willie Henderson
Eric Clay
Melvyn Molder
Otis Palmer
Willie Rawls Jr.
Eric Moore Sr.
Mitchell Williams
Wilson Gage
Freddie Blue
Montrell Cooper
Zion S Cooper

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