Wednesday, February 7, 2007

No Respect

Yesterday I was driving to this meeting I had. I was Second and Baronne uptown in New Orleans. I am naming the streets in case someone that reads this is related to this girl and wants to go slap her. I was getting ready to park my car on First and Baronne. To my left was a group of old men sitting outside of a FEMA trailer. They were just staring at something but I couldn't see what it was. When I got a little closer I noticed a teenage boy and girl playing around. They looked innocent enough but they kept laughing at something behind this truck. When I got next to the truck I realized what the kids were laughing at and the old men were staring at. There was this teenaged girl with her legs off the ground and this boy was holding her up. This baby was serving this boy with a lap dance in the middle of the sidewalk at two o'clock in the afternoon when they both needed to be in school. I’m sure those old men wanted to say something but youngsters are so scary looking that they just shook their head.

I'm not going to preach about this one. I just have a message to everybody. If I see one of my daughters, any of my friend's daughters, any of my family members, or any of my family member's daughters out here giving some young jackass a lap dance with her legs off of the ground during the day in public, I am taking the baseball bat out of my trunk and beating down everyone involved and anyone that is out there finding it funny. I guarantee that will be the last time they shame themselves in public. We have to get some respect for ourselves back into the race. When I was ten years old me and my dad were driving and saw this girl leaning against her boyfriend's private parts at the bus stop. Big Cliff looked at me and said "if I ever see you treating your girlfriend with that kind of disrespect in public I am going to beat your ass". He was not joking at all. I'm glad my daddy wasn't with me yesterday because seeing that might have killed him.

If anybody in the New Orleans area wants me to monitor someone they know for the beat down send me an e-mail. All I need is a picture, their first name, and where they hang out.


Naro% said...

Contract discipline...
Now thats what I'm talking bout. This could be the start of someting!
Stay gold

Anonymous said...

A basketball...nice weapon.