Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just Leave

Before I post my list of positive brothers I have something else to get off of my chest. Lots of people left New Orleans after the storm and many haven't returned. Some haven't been able to and others have found better opportunities in other cities and chose to build their lives in these places. I have no problem with these two groups in general. I also admire anyone that has came back home like I did and is trying to rebuild their lives and the pride we have in the city. It's been a very steep hill to climb. Some days it's down right depressing to be here. Every decent person here knows what kind of toll this rebuilding effort takes emotionally. That is why I am so sick and tired of national news stories about local residents talking about how miserable they are and leaving. I don't have a problem with you leaving just shut the hell up about it. It's bad enough I have to live through this shit everyday without you traitors adding fuel to the national fire and bitching to the press. If you are not happy pack your shit and go. Don't invite these big city publications into your home to show them everything that's wrong. They are not trying to help. They just want the story so they can feel better about the boring ass city where they live.

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Very passionate blog.