Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going Through The Process Again

On Monday I was disappointed in my community because of the horrible way we handled the death of a human being. On Tuesday sadness was added to that when a three year old buy shot himself with his mom’s boyfriend’s gun. When I heard the story my first impulse was to turn on the computer and write a few lines about the situation but I came to the realization that I have explained that kind of thing so many different times that’s it is getting more difficult to come up with a new way to arrange the words.

I have been running into that a lot more lately. Either it’s the same thing happening over and over or some issues seem to take forever to resolve. I think that’s why I am posting less and less as time goes on. I believe to be a good blogger or writer you have to stay tuned into the world unless you want to write something dark and disturbed. I guess you don’t need to be paying attention to anyone for that. However, to exchange ideas and opinions with people you have to aware of what’s going on. That requires watching the news, or reading the paper and sometimes going even deeper into a story to find out more information then what’s on the surface. When you do that the stuff you find is usually more depressing than the initial story. That gets to be too much.

For most of 2010 I was thinking about closing down The Crib. I was going to turn the lights off, put up some plywood and lock it up. I was just going to keep cutting the grass because you know New Orleans has a blight problem. It seems like every time I get to the point of deciding something happens. The first time I decided to do it the Saints made the Superbowl and I ended up on CNN. The next time I made up my mind I ended up in a book. Then I got an award. It fits my life pattern that the time I decide to stop I end up with more people following me. I usually discuss the ins and outs of blogging with Afromamba. I have mentioned retiring a few times and I think she is on the verge of threatening me with bodily harm if I do it again. I’m not doing it.

I never thought New Orleans would be the microcosm of America’s issues. We always had the crime and poverty thing covered but after Katrina we have just about everything covered. We have crime, poverty, racism, class warfare, urban renewal, gentrification, taxes, budget issues, charter schools, school reform, the environment, and corruption. If City Hall installs some of those body scanners (By the way, I know the people that work airport security are trying to provide for their families and all but are they paying them enough to look at random nakedness and grab people's body all day? They have to hate the new security more than anyone.)

We have everything you need to keep a blog going for years to come provided the lack of net neutrality doesn’t mean I won’t have to pay 100.00 a month just to get to the in order to post it and kids won’t keep dying to depress the hell out of me.

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Leigh C. said...

So many things keep happening in seemingly the same ways over and over...and yet, they're not exactly the same. I heard about the 3-year-old and instantly thought of Jeremy Galmon, and when I heard about Jeremy Galmon, I thought of the little boy killed by his father at the beginning of 2009. I turn these senseless murders over and over and come back to it doesn't have to be this way...but it is.

And it's just heartbreaking.

I've thought of stopping a few times, myself, too. Thing is, once you've found your voice, trying to shut it off is damn near impossible. If we lost your voice, Cliff, it'd be fewer sparks illuminating all the darkness out there. Don;t let 'em dim, please, 'kay?