Monday, October 11, 2010

Where's The Local Stereotypical Flavor?

Over the weekend I watched a lot of football. It had to be at least ten different games. On ever local station a game was on I must have saw this David Vitter commercial about Charlie Melancon with the illegal aliens receiving a warm reception at least 20 times. I heard on cable news last week that several senators around the country were going to use this exact same commercial and just change the name of the democratic senator they were running against.

First of all David Vitter doesn’t need to do this since most of his district is just going to vote for him because of President Obama. Congressman Melancon never stood a chance. Secondly, I find this commercial very disappointing. Senator Vitter is from South Louisiana and we are supposed to be a lot more creative than just using the same hate mongering ad everyone else is using. The least he could have done was spiced it up a little with some local stereotypes.

How about when the illegal aliens come through the gate five brothers with dreadlocks and their pregnant girlfriends with four other kids wearing Chocolate City shirts with Ray Nagin’s picture on the front start dancing to bounce music while holding a FEMA check?

That’s the kind of use of stereotypes I could appreciate. Hopefully, next time if he gets a real opponent he can dig deeper than he did this time around.


Ricardo said...

This ad is disgusting. Where would the rebuilding of New Orleans be without the sweat and toil of all the Latinos who came to do work nobody wanted to do. Of course, gutless George Bush did not offer any type of guest worker program for Gulf Coast Recovery which would have made these workers quasi legal.

Anonymous said...

im pissed that this dude wont even debate melancon.

cat is a total pussy.


bayoucreole said...

In total agreement with Ricardo. I find the ad sickening.

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