Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I tried to warn him but I guess it was too late. There are two species you don’t mess with in America other than humans. One is horses and the other is dogs. What the hell was Mike Vick thinking? And why were people calling talk radio today playing the race card? We have to put things in perspective here. Regular black people go to through life worried about what they do or say and what are the repercussions if they don’t get it right. You can’t play the race card with Mike Vick. Mike got a 100 million dollar contract. His owner rolled him around the bench in a wheelchair. His number was retired by Virginia Tech after only two years of playing. Thousands of people of all races have bought his jersey. Even now after the indictment the NFL is not coming down on him like they did to Pacman and the rest of those brothers. White people have been kissing his ass since he was 12. . He was doing this since 2001. The authorities only found out about the dogs when his cousin got busted for drugs and used the dog camp as his home address. Mike is not a target of anyone. He’s just an asshole. It’s a shame that no one took the time to teach him the responsibility of the legacy of the position he plays for men of his color. If he wanted to be Don King of dog fighting that bad then he should have played wide receiver. Please Reverend Jesse Jackson. Don’t go to Virginia to counsel Michael Vick. If you do, please do it behind close doors and not at a press conference.

I have a public service announcement. If you are over the age of 15 or were born a boy, pink shorts, green tights and a loud yellow shirt is not cute on you. It just looks ignorant. This is especially true for anyone that is really dark. You look like a street sign. I saw a tall black “guy” with a pony tail and a lime green short set on with pink shoes. He was so bright in the sunlight he almost caused a 20 car pile up from blinding all the drivers.

I have tried the Myspace thing. I have my profile. I don’t see the big deal. Other than some entertaining pages from a few dancers and thick women I am very under whelmed. Parents need to look at some of these children pages. I clicked on one by mistake and kept looking at the door for Chris Hanson from Dateline. This shit is ridiculous. Why do these kids have crazy titles to their pages on there? Who identifies themselves as “You H@#s keep Hatin but my man is with me B@tch” What do you do when the parent’s page says “That’s Right H@es. My Baby is Bout It!” I think it’s time for Al Sharpton to march on Tom for giving these families an outlet to display their ignorance just like it’s the record company’s fault Snoop walks around with sisters in dog chains.

Now that the NAACP has buried the N-Word, (That had to be a big ass casket. I wonder if we all have to put in 10.00 on the service. I am going to be pissed if I get a bill. Who cooked all that chicken and potato salad for the repast? Did the N-word’s cousin get drunk later in the evening, start crying and telling all the family secrets? “The N-Word wasn’t your real daddy anyway!”) We have to come up with a replacement word to acknowledge crazy people of the same race. I would like to submit the word nupid. It’s a combination of negro and stupid. I also came up with blad for black and sad. We need something as a replacement for when I talk to some of my friends. I think I can get by with saying “Shut up you stupid ass blad!” We need to finalize these kinds of issues before Don Imus goes back on the air.

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Bliss said...

i'm with you on that MySpace ish. my 15 year old cousin has one and his momma ain't got a clue about that hot ghetto mess. it's just a meat meet, kinda like BP but mo' integrated. '-)

and what about Michael Vick? you think he did it? i know all the animal rights bloggers are up in arms and ready to kill human beings for allegations of dog fighting. now ain't THAT a caution?