Thursday, March 1, 2007

Keep Your Damn Game

When the Hornets first came to New Orleans I was worried and not enthused. The reason why I never jumped on that bandwagon is because I could tell from the attitude of the commissioner that he really didn't want a team here. After Katrina we lost both of our professional sports teams had to relocate. The NFL found a way to come back and thrive. The Hornets are still playing in Oklahoma City. Since the NBA felt bad because the NFL showed such a commitment to the city, David Stern decided to give New Orleans the 2008 All-Star game. Last week's game in Vegas ended up being a big ass gang fight all over town. Now, the players are scared to come to New Orleans out of fear of safety?

I have a newsflash for those who don't live here or who haven't been here since the storm. When I step out of my door and head to work every morning, I am not ducking bullets being sprayed across the highway. Crime here is no worse than it is anywhere else really. It's just glorified because we have a group of citizens and media looking to assassinate our character. If there is one thing New Orleans knows how to do well it is hosting big events. I would remind these punk ass NBA players that since Katrina we have hosted Mardi Gras twice, a Jazz festival, Sugar Bowl, Bayou Classic and a NFL playoff game. What makes you think we can't handle your little boring ass event? I get so sick and tired of people who are not living here or haven't even visited since the storm passing judgment on my city based on some story they saw on the news 6 months ago. Just because the Las Vegas police couldn't handle a few ignorant Negroes doesn't mean the NOPD can't. Even if the NOPD has trouble we can just call Harry Lee and he'll take care of everything. I am pure blood New Orleans soldier. That means that there are times when even though I may need to be nice and accommodating, I will say something mean and hateful because I am thinking with my emotions and not my brain. This is one of those times. Keep your damn NBA All Star game and take your funky ass Hornets team to another city. I am sick and tired of having to kiss uninformed people's ass. Tracy McGrady is just mad because he's not Kobe. Nobody is going to your lazy eyed ass anything.

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