Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mind Blowing Volume 15

  • I notice allot of my friends are starting to create their own blogs to write on and that's cool. Just make sure you express yourself and write something that makes sense. The best part about it is that there is no editing and no censorship on anything you say. That doesn't mean you can be wrong and misguided and still feel smart. It's freedom of speech at it's best.
  • When you are a black man growing up in the city of New Orleans, or any inner city for that matter, you are expected to like certain things. How many times have you watched MTV cribs and saw all the rappers and basketball players holding up Scarface as their favorite movie or have a big screen with a playstation in their house. Those things are cool. However, it's time we as young black men start expanding our minds and interest. We all can't just watch the same shows, wear the same clothes or like the exact same music. Lots of us have already and are just too chicken to admit it. Here are 5 of the things that I willing to admit to. I am prepared for any laughter or ridicule that comes my way. Sorry Daddy.
1. I know the words to all the songs from the movie Grease.

2. I own a wrestling tape collection and Ric Flair is one ofmy heroes.

3. I like taking bubble baths.

4. I like Madonna's music.

5. I don't really like Scarface.

  • I haven't been talking about sports too much because we are in that dark space before football season starts but how do you fire Larry Brown and replace him with Flip Saunders? Do the Pistons think that their team is that good they can hire a man that has only left the first round one time with a top five player and still go back to the finals. The minute Rasheed gets less playing time so they can put Darko into the mix is the beginning of the end for this team. If anybody in D Town thinks Sheed is going to sit and watch Darko play they are crazy.
  • I want anyone that reads this post to click on this Link Right Here and tell me how Terry McMilian didn't know that brother was gay. Now, I am not hating on the gay brothers but if you are going to be gay then stay that way and stop getting all these women infected and paranoid. The same thing goes for you bi sisters. Pick a sex and stick with it. Star Jones better be careful.
  • Finally, there have been many comebacks in show business. Some people have hit rock bottom and returned to stardom using talent and hard work. There has been no greater rise back to the top of the charts than Toni Braxton. I have to keep it real. Almost all men keep a secret list of top ten women in their minds. For allot of brothers, Toni had fell out of the rankings for the last few years. I just saw her video for her new song Breathe. I have to say that when you take into consideration she is 35 years old, had two kids and a messed up breast implant operation, she is looking mighty good and is now in the top ten again. I won't say what number she is exactly but it's somewhere after Gabrielle Union but ahead of Venus Williams (yes, Venus is flyer than Serena in my opinion). I guess true beauty always comes back. Now if Whitney Houston can get her act together..

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