Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quick Thoughts on Super Bowl and It's Host City

I’ve never watched Superbowl coverage. I didn’t even watch it when the Saints were playing. There’s only so many ways you can hear the same analysis about the same game before you get tired of it. There have actually been only a few Superbowls I’ve watched all the way through because I don’t care who wins. I am going to try and watch as much as I can of the game today. By the time I post this it could be over but I’ll go ahead and predict 49ers 27 Ravens 21. I don’t like the 49ers but I like the way they play football. I think they had the best team all year. 

I have tried all week not to be the sourpuss that ruins the party for everyone. It could be a good thing I have had the flu all week and couldn’t really get into any of the local SuperBowl festivities. I’m glad the visitors are having a good time and I am glad the city did a good job. I just don’t understand why we are carrying on like this isn’t our tenth Superbowl. We kind of know what we are doing with these things or the NFL keeps coming back. Our local leaders and media are acting like this is the first big event we’ve ever hosted. Maybe that’s because so many of them weren’t living here when we hosted the other ones. I don’t know what the issue is. I may have given everyone a pass if this was the first event since Katrina. We already have done 7 Mardi Gras, a final four, a BCS Championship, and about 200 festivals. I’ll admit that the Superbowl is bigger than any of that but we need to tone it down a bit.  Hosting people is what we do best. We need to go overboard with patting ourselves on the back when we cut the murder rate in half or end homelessness.


Pudge450 said...

I'm with you on the super bowl thing. No dog in that fight. However, I am pulling for the Ravens, because i would like to see Ray Lewis go out on that high note. I was in New Orleans yesterday. I do love that city.

Anonymous said...

As usual, you sum it up exactly right. Those are some goals to work for. Sorry you had the flu. Did you have the flu sht and still got some other flu? Sometimes it's just your turn to be sick! Feel better soon.

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