Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lynching...The Forbidden Topic

I have watched the "Kramer" clip a few times. I will forgive the people in the audience that were laughing because afterall it was a comedy club so maybe they were not sure what was going on. I'm sure there are blogs all over the internet addressing his use of the N word. There is no need for me to get into that part. I will say this. I think I speak for all black people....

We need the word "Nigger" often! We even have created a different spelling for it so it won't be so offensive when we use it. Since I hear it dozens of times a day I won't consider physical violence as a valid reaction towards Kramer going off. However....no one should ever make any comments about lynching. We don't even make jokes about lynching and we laugh at everything. That is off limits. When I hear talk of "being upside down with a fork up my ass", I want to get a big ass gun and wait for the revolution to start. There will be no Emmett Till repeats without some retribution. The only good thing about that night is that Kramer was yelling at some civilized brothers. It could have been some Professor Griff disciples in there that would have burned down the damn club. That might have been cool.

Now I don't feel bad about not ever watching Seinfeld.


Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know how to respond to his remarks. People say things when they are angry inside and I think he wanted those people to feel just as bad as he may have been feeling considering his career low. I don't know "Kramer" personally, so I can't say with certainty that he is a racist. But its apparent he doesn't know how to articulate his frustration; even when he is doing standup. Why the brothers were interupting him, I don't have the answer to that because the clip doesn't show all of that. That is/was rude. But it doesn't excuse the comments passed by the comedian. Black people have managed to turn the word "nigga" into an acceptable term of endearment, hatred, and certain types of identity. So we can't get mad when someone of another race directs it to us. The lynching part....ehhh....I think he dug deep on that one because somewhere along the way he knew the use of the word "nigga" wouldn't be enough to make those men feel his anger about what he may be experiencing in his life. The use of the word coupled with the action of thousands of senseless killings of black men touches a part in black people that I can't explain. I think its sad that all of that had to happen because even after a few day pass, nothing will change for the better on any scale of respect for the next individual.


Anonymous said...

I always thought "Kramer" was the funniest thing on Seinfield's show. His comments touched more than a nerve with me, all I can say is baby you know I'm your ride or die chick and I got my pistol and blade, bring on the revolution!