Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Take On Palin

I am just going to come out and say that I am voting for Barak Obama. Even still, I have to admit that the selection of Sarah Palin was a stroke of genius and whoever made the decision really knows America. Anybody supporting Obama that doesn't realize that is fooling themselves. She’s the biggest threat to Obama winning since this thing started. See, Americans all are conditioned to vote for people they can identify with. It’s not racism. It’s just the way the media and corporate America has conditioned us to think. It’s the reason we all have different McDonald’s commercials and stuff like that. Smart people write and talk about deep issues and try to be void of color and identification but that’s not how most Americans see things in the media. Most people form opinions based on their own circumstances. That’s how me and my friend can watch the same story and see two different things.

The truth of the matter is that the majority of black people in this country knew nothing about Barak Obama this time last year. However they see his wife, his kids, and how he stands up there dignified and they instantly feel connected to him because of what he represents to their own existence. That’s how local black politicians like Bill Jefferson keep getting re-elected. The same thing is true for Sarah Palin. Women around this country can identify with everything about her. You can step out of your house during the day and run into 50 women who have the same circumstances as Governor Palin.

We all know women pissed off about Hillary losing has been the focus of both campaigns. When you look at it, Palin’s story is more symbolic than Hillary’s. Hillary Clinton is smart and strong but she is academically and socially elite. Her husband was the president already. Sarah Palin started on the PTA and worked her way up while raising kids with her fisherman husband. She’s got kids and some of them have issues. You can’t get more American than that. I would suspect that middle class working moms in small towns around the country would get the same inspiration out of her as people get from Obama. There are enough small towns in America to make her vice president. Yeah, the policies of her party may actually go against those women but like I said earlier we are conditioned to assume that someone with the same background and appearance has to be a better deal in the long run.

All of this could have been avoided if Barak would have just picked Hillary for his running mate and ended this thing. McCain would have picked Romney or Palenty and this would be done. I’m afraid that just like Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t see him coming and giving them problems he didn’t see this Palin thing coming and giving him any trouble. Barak’s going to have to work hard these next two months or get someone to Alaska and find something damaging enough to kill her momentum. If not there will be some broken dreams all around the country.


Mitraillette said...

Thank you for writing that. It's the most level-headed take on Palin I've seen from someone who's NOT voting for her. As an independent I'm very disgusted with the vicious attacks on Palin. They are absurdly over-the-top and malicious. Identifying with her is not enough to make me vote for her, but if the Dems keep up with the sexist attacks I'm not sure I'll get past it.

swiftone said...

Ditto Pistolette. I'd have voted for McCain no matter who he chose as VP, and I still want to see Lieberman get a really good post in the McCain administration. That said, you truly trigger the recollection that in Latin America, I worked with the local people, I lived with the local people, I socialized with gringos.. people who had a background similar to mine. I'd not thought that voting was so much the same, but it really is, isn't it. Nice thoughtful post. If Obama wins, I have no broken dreams. I hate it that if McCain wins, a lot of people are going to think it's "personal." He did indeed make an inspired pick for VP. The dice roll worked out... let's see what the next few weeks plays like.

Anonymous said...

You make a very valid point about Palin and those who support her. I have to tell you, I am getting weary of politics. What does it say about McCain that he has to depend on Palin to rally the party and energize the base? The repulican party certainly was not rallied around him before this pick. I also hear they are considering campaigning together because everyone knows he can't draw a crowd alone. Will this chick ever give a real interview or answer questions from reporters? Has everyone forgotten that she is the VP pick and she is not running for the #1 spot?

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

dont even talk about her
she is a distraction, don take the bait

Bayou Belle said...

Your words "Even still, I have to admit that the selection of Sarah Palin was a stroke of genius and whoever made the decision really knows America." are very telling. I admit I don't know exactly how the whole vetting thing works but my guess would be that McCain has final say. So, dare I say, he knows America? Might be a good thing to have him around.

Or we could chalk the whole Palin pick up to someone on the rep team is a good chess player. Who really knows. But your are not the first to say it was brilliant. I have to agree. I also agree that if Hillary were up there with Barack they would most likely be unbeatable. Can you imagine!

I also agree with you that many people vote based on identification and also circumstantial - or rather what is going on in their life at the time of the election and what issues are most important to them at that time.

As an American I am most proud to see both a black man and a woman running for such positions. It validates that our country is ready for it. I always knew we were. I just wish more people could feel the same way. Put our differences in opinions aside, sit back and just relish the history in the making. Our kids will read about this election in their history classes one day.

Thank you for this post. I am very interested in all perspectives on this election. Hard to find civil opinions instead of pure hatred for the other side.

Your thoughts were well written and you made some great points.

I invite you to my blog for my political challenge where I have many questions about both sides posted and invite all opinions to be posted as long as they are civil and well, just play nice.

I will be back to read your blog. I stumbled across it today and I have enjoyed reading it thus far.