Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Follow The Money To the Unemployment Line

This morning I got up to watch the usual news shows that I always watch in the morning. Everyone was talking about how all of these major financial institutions are going down in flames and have to be bailed out. Let me tell you from someone who has been involved in a corporate restructuring that changed his life, this is no joke. I am no economist by a long shot. I can barely pay my credit bills on time. After watching a good job slowly fall apart, I think I have a good idea about how all of this works. If the financial institutions responsible for taking care of everyone else’s money fall apart then the company you work for will soon start having problems. When any company has serious financial problems the first thing to go is labor.

You’ll see a regional office here and a plant there. They will send a few more thousand jobs overseas where people work for half the wage and none of the taxes. Petty soon we will be headed to 1929. I don’t know what a great depression would look like in the digital age but it can’t be pretty. I know my explanation is very remedial in its description but I have to be right because the government wouldn’t be trying to come up with billions of dollars to bail out all of these companies. If you want the technical information watch CNBC.

What’s bothering me more than the fact that the country could be headed for a depression is how both of these jive political parties are taking the opportunity to score votes from our fear of standing in a soup line. I don’t give a damn at this point who is responsible. We just need to come up with a way to fix this. I know George Bush was in office the last eight years and I know he hasn’t done a good job at much. Nevertheless, he’s going to be the president until January. I don’t need the Democratic congress sitting on their ass watching the ship sink so Obama can get elected. There comes a time when you have to put the politics aside for the benefit of the people. In my opinion all of this comes from the power that lobbyist have had on both sides of the aisle in Washington. This is why I am an independent now. Ask yourself how could and American company send entire operations to other countries without the senators and representatives from that area going completely crazy? These things have been brewing for years but no one cared because the marketing army in this country makes us all feel good about our middle class and overpriced lifestyles.

I am turning into the black Lou Dobbs. It’s time for a vacation.

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well you should have been reading me folk for the last two years, peep this the vultures are circling