Monday, September 29, 2008

My Fair Share Of The Bail Out

Today Congress chose not to vote for the 700 billion dollar banking bail out. It’s a tense day for America, especially for those who have large investments or work for some of these troubled companies. I know the government has to do something because we can’t risk having total financial collapse. I guess we don't have a choice. Since tax dollars are going into whatever plan eventually gets passed I have two requests.

The first request is that any company who chooses to let the tax payers bail out their country should have to make every decision maker in the company step down. Why should everyone sacrifice money for the failings of a bunch of rich cats and they get to keep the same prestigious position. Not only should they have to step down, for the next five years they shouldn’t have access to any of their money and be forced to work a retail job or on a construction site putting up with foolishness for not enough money like most Americans have to do. Let them see what it’s like to have to take out a pay day loan that takes five pay days to pay back. That rule will change business practices in America for sure.

The next request is this. I have discussed this with all of my friends. It occurred to us that even though we are all working men and have been our whole adult lives, we can barely get a bank to call us back to let us know we are denied a loan let alone give us any money. I have had a full time job since I was a teenager and been with the same bank the whole time. If I apply for a loan they won’t even call me back. I have to chase them down like a jilted lover just to be told no.

I think it’s fair to ask that whatever dollar amount is settled on for the bail out, the percentage of that comprising people like me be taken out of the figure. If the amount ends up being 700 billion subtract my portion and make it $699,999,999,025(Wow, those numbers look serious when you write it out). I take no responsibility for this crisis. The only thing I did wrong was not closing my account and putting all my money in my local credit union. I guess the fact I am still a banking customer makes me a little responsible too. Go ahead and add five dollars of my portion back. I have to do what I can to make sure everyone but me and my friends have the opportunity to keep getting further into debt with high interest rates. The only Banks I am concerned about saving in times of a crisis is Tyra Banks and she doesn't have my phone number.


Anonymous said...

Can I just have someone bail me out of my student loans? T.

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