Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't Spend The Extra

I have a message for the citizens of Louisiana who received disaster food stamps.

I know you didn’t have anything to do with determining who received benefits. I know some of you stood outside in line for hours just to fill out the application. I know the entire process has not gone the way it was supposed to.

However, do not spend the extra amount of stamps you got in error. I know you didn’t do anything to put this extra amount on your card. Even if a few people knew how to hack the computer I am sure it wouldn’t 22,000 of you. You can’t use those stamps because people in Louisiana are silly and love to blame other victims for their situation instead of who really did it. This kind of thinking fuels our lack of progress. Nothing adds extra fuel to this like a story about Laquita in the Iberville Housing Project who bought 1400.00 worth of groceries when she only was approved for 700.00. People around the state love to read stuff like this because it helps them feel good about their stereotypes.

With the price of food the temptation to run out and grab an extra month of groceries is tempting especially since the stamps just appeared one day without you trying to get over. Some people might consider that a blessing instead of getting over. It may not be worth it after seeing your name in the newspaper in a story about people who “beat the system”. If you realize that you received double, just call the number and give it back to them.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cliff, not everyone will be able to spend the extra. The state agency has been taking the extra off the cards of the individuals who received duplicate benefits. I'm sure some people ran out and used them up. Shame on them because there are people who are less fortunate who really need that assistance ASAP. Don't get me wrong I believe we all should have received the benefits to replace the food we loss during the power outages. From the looks of the long lines in wal-mart many people received benefits and that is a blessing.