Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Elite Needs More Baby Mamas

"Worried that welfare costs are rising as the number of taxpayers declines, state Rep. John LaBruzzo, R-Metairie, said Tuesday he is studying a plan to pay poor women $1,000 to have their Fallopian tubes tied."

For all the people who sit around wondering how people like William Jefferson and Ray Nagin can win elections and black people vote for them even after they do crazy things. It’s because of the fear that someone the likes of State. Rep Labruzzo will be in office and suggest crazy things like this. All this time I thought racism, class warfare, a jacked up education system and corporate greed were to blame for the rising amounts of people in need and it turns out all they need to do is stop having sex while successful people have more. Can you imagine the state sending this guy to a global company to convince them to do business?

“You’re that guy that wanted to sterilize poor people! Our employees would love moving to that area to live. I just hope we never have a layoff.”

Here is the question and I think it’s a fair one since our local newspaper saw fit to put this on the front page of the morning news. With all the economic trouble going on in the country right now, if all these smart and successful people he wants to encourage to have more kids lose their jobs and their money when things go wrong, do we get to take their kids away and put them to sleep? That sounds fair to me.

I didn't realize smart and successful people weren't making enough babies. It must be all the reading and figuring out how to destroy the economy by running companies into the ground. Since I want to do my part to fill the world with as many elitists as possible, the song below is to loosen you guys up so you can start getting it on like Representative Labruzzo wants you to.

And we wonder why people don't take our part of America seriously........


Leigh C. said...

I wanted to wring the necks of the Times-Pic editors when I saw that on the front page. District 81 makes the rest of Louisiana look really, really bad. The decisions made surrounding this sick, asinine story make all of us with more brains and compassion in our little fingers than LaBruzzo has in his entire freaking body look little better than he does right now.

Such a shonda.

Anonymous said...

well I guess LaBruzzo wants to end mankind because from the looks of the economy we all are very close to being in poverty. If things don't improve we could find ourselves working for a big company that is in financial trouble and collapse. All I can say is be careful of what you say and do because things have a way of affecting the unintended individuals. Tuboligation is not necessarily the answer.

Bayou Belle said...

If they have $1000 to give people to get steralized why don't they take that money and put it into the school systems.

The answer to the welfare problem is to change it. If generations can live on it then there is a problem with the program.