Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lisa On The Sidelines

This USC/Ohio St. game ended up being so boring. Ohio St. just can’t get it going in these big games anymore. The highlight of this game was not anything on the field but the stellar and underrated presence of Lisa Salters. How can you not dig Lisa?

Guys sit around and discuss women like Beyonce and Halle Berry but I think it’s time we give sisters like Lisa Salters their credit. With all due respect, she’s the total package. She’s educated, she’s intelligent and she knows more about sports inside and out than the average man. That’s a great conversation waiting to happen. Not only that, she has natural prettiness. That means you could call her without notice to catch an afternoon movie and she would look just as good as she does on TV. This is an underrated quality. Thank you Ms. Salters for making these blowout games much easier to watch until the end.


This entire post applies to Pam Oliver on NFL games too. How come Fox never lets Pam do a Saint’s game?

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit, she is a fly sister. T.