Monday, May 23, 2005


I am writing this through my Yahoo email from my second job. After years of struggle and conflict, the powers that be have finally broken me down to the point that I have to get a second job. I will basically be working 7 days a week and will still be broke enough to not have any fun if I ever get a day off. This is the life for many Americans in our times. So many credit cards, house notes, car payments, child care bills, cellphone charges one has time to do anything they really like except for a small percentage. That's probably the percentage you are working on the weekends to accomadate. I'm not going to sit here and type up a whole page of rhetoric about the values of quality time and liesure in your life. I will just say that when it's over, none of your love ones will sit at your grave and talk about all the hours you worked. They'll talk about cookouts, fishing trips, things you did together, and vacations. Of course, you need money to do all that stuff. That's the catch 22. Everybody works all the time trying to put themselves and their family in a better situation. That leads to allot of material things and no quality time or memories. If you don't work, most of your memories will be a about missing out on things and struggling to make it. God bless America

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