Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 5

Madhubuti said the stress of being black takes a special toll on the minds of men. "Men run the world, and now understand that you are not one of the men running the world, and layer on that that men you don't like are always telling you what to do," he said. "Many brothers just drop out."

From The Disappearing Man, Times Picayune 5/4/2005

I had other stuff I wanted to speak about but since I read The Disappearing Man article from the Times Picayune that is all I can think about. I don't know if many brothers that need to read that would care or even understand what it is saying. Being a young black man with knowledge of the world today is one of the most frustrating positions to be in. Imagine watching all of your childhood friends going to jail, being addicted to drugs, or being murdered all the time and none of them seem to realize that there is something wrong with that scenario. Some of them will actually call your manhood cheap because you have never "handled your business". A large part of the black community, men and women, have accepted the thug life/soldier mentality as everyday living and the numbers reflect that. That leaves the hood intellectuals like myself stuck in the middle. We are not rich enough to move away from the madness, and not ignorant enough for any of the madness to make sense. Basically, we helplessly watch our friends and family create their own genocide on a day to day basis. That takes a mental toll on anyone that cares about their community. I wish I knew the answer.

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