Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mind Blowin Vol 9.

I am sitting at my evening desk and I think this will be the last day. I never seen a stranger collection of people in one office setting. When I was 24 years old, I walked out of AutoZone on July 6 1998 and I promised myself that there would never be another time I put up with foolishness on a job unless my family was homeless and starving. Since I still have a job and money coming in (even though it's not that much) I think I will let this one go with the idea of finding a better environment. I just want to touch on a few more things.

I'm sick and tired of the Steve Nash jocking. If John Stockton never won an MVP neither should Nash. No one that can't play defense should ever win the award period. It's looking like Pistons vs. Spurs in the finals which means we could possibly see the first 50-49 final score in postseason history. Before I get off of basketball, I just want to say it's never a good sign when your hometown team uses the draft lottery as a promotional tool. You are supposed to be in the playoffs Hornets. Baron Davis you still suck!

I did not set out to find out what I did this week but things happen. Fellas,if you are ever in a grocery store or pharmacy and a nice looking young lady starts to flirt with you, the quickest way to get her to stop is to let her see the diapers you are buying. It will kill any ideas she might have. You don't even have to speak.

I am sure that there is something really wrong with R. Kelly. However, I love the entire Trapped in the Closet saga. Sure, we all should be ashamed for supporting a pedophile but when the part 4 comes out everyone will be listening.

The New Orleans public school board and most of the citizens for that matter are really confused. For the last 20 years we have had control over the public school system. Now we have basically stole, neglected and abused our own kids, then we scream racism once the state comes in and wants to take over. If the school board would have been taking care of their own business and their own children, there would not be any need for a state takeover. Colonel Davis was from right here in New Orleans and you treated him just as bad or worse than Anthony Amato. What price are we willing to pay just to say we are in control. Let the people come in and get the money straight please.

Yesterday, a little girl drowned swimming with her friends in the Mississippi River. I felt real sad when I seen that. I also felt a chill go down my spine. It happens every time someone drowns like that. When I was 13 years old the same thing almost happen to me swimming in the canal near my house. If anybody in my family reads this they have just been shocked because no one ever knew about that except for the fools I was out there swimming with. I would like to think my childhood friend Lonnie Allen for saving me that day. I know you are doing about 30 years in prison my friend. I hope you have found a way to turn your life around and when your judgment day comes, the fact you pulled a little fool out of the deep water when everybody else was standing around fussing and screaming earns you some extra points in the end.

Coming soon.............Clifton - The First 30 Years..........................

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