Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Top 31 Things I have Learned by the Age 31

1. I am blessed
2. You will not love anything more than your children.
3. Know one will love you more than your parents.
4. Dignity is something all men need, but not enough have.
5. Fathers are something that all men need and not enough have.
6. Money has nothing to do with your effectiveness of a parent.
7. The value of a friend should never be judged by the amount of time a person spends around you.
8. At least once a week, everybody needs a few hours alone to get in tune with their own thoughts.
9. I would take a healthy and happy family over being rich.
10. You must try to enjoy everything you do.
11. If I would have listen to my dad more in my early 20's I would be better off right now.
12. If I would have listen to my mom more as a little boy I would be better off right now.
13. If I would have not listened at all, I wouldn't be here at all right now.
14. My pride and stubbornness together have slowed down my progress in certain aspects of life.
15. You can try to act different to please other people, but eventually the real you will come out and drama is going to start.
16. Sometimes we ignore people that really care about us for the attention of someone more visually pleasing.
17. You have to be satisfied with most of your decisions are they will eat away at you
18. The Saints will never win and I will be tortured for the next 50 years waiting.
19. Everybody wastes money in their 20's in one way or another
20. 5 people can be raised by the same parents and all be totally different.
21. It is very overrated to be a young bachelor. When it's over all you have is memories of things you can't do anymore.
22. Although I play the role of not caring, I am probably the most self conscious person I know.
23. Eventually I will be used as a tool to help other people's lives get better. I just have not found the direction yet.
24. Nothing about being ignorant or stupid is cool but somehow in the hood we have romantically glorified it.
25. People in the hood romantically glorify ignorance because we are reminded daily by the media that the situation is hopeless. As daddy always says "If you control the media, you control what you see"
26. The hardest thing to be in the black community is a normal man. The majority only cares about the really rich or the extremely poor. No one does shit for the people in the middle.
27. I would much rather die an old man with kids and grandkids, then being killed in the streets when I am still a kid.
28. Never feel bad about people caring about you or doing things for you. That's what is suppose to happen.
29. If I can wake up the next day from something, it wasn't all that bad.
30. I wouldn't trade any of my family or friends for anybody
31. If I had to do the whole 31 years over again from the beginning I would and not change a thing.........Except for a little more money.

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