Monday, May 23, 2005

It's Hot

My first act as mayor of New Orleans will be to allow everyone to wear underwear to work once it starts getting hot, humid and miserable like it is now. The crime rate would almost be non existent. No one could hide a weapon and the mood of men would change drastically. New Orleans is so hot between May and September that you can sweat in every possible region. I should actually average 5 showers a day but due to obligations I can't.

Ten things you need to survive the New Orleans Summer...
1. Water
2. Air conditioning
3. BBQ grill
4. Extra shirts in your car
5. Off bugspray
6. A pistol for ignorant fools that get worse once it gets hot
7. A pot big enough to boil crawfish in
8. More air conditioning
9. Fishing gear
10. Even more air conditioning

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