Thursday, May 5, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 6

What in the hell are we doing in Iraq when North Korea is testing missles right now. How come we didn't make Kim Jong Il hide in a hole like Saddam. I know why. There are about 2 billion North Koreans waiting to combat the USA. Lets face it, the Iraq war was just a way for us to flex our muscles after 9/11 and for George to get some revenge and honor back to his family name.

I will do my playoff review as soon as the Pacers get rid of Boston tomorrow. The only thing I am upset about is Allen Iverson is eliminated. I'm sure David Stern can fix it so he can get signed by the Wizards or the Sonics for the Sonics for the next few weeks.

I watched the New Edition Behind the Music on VH1. It was actually kind of sad the way their careers have gone. That still doesn't stop them from being the number one group of my generation. Everybody looked good except for Bobby Brown. He sounded like someone had just punched him in the mouth.

The government wants to give a million dollars for Assata Shakur. She's an old woman by now. They didn't arrest the man who killed Medger Evers until he was damn near 80. I figure she can turn herself in at her 75th birthday and that's about even.

Someone has kidnapped the young Cliff and replaced him with this mature clone of himself. I am going to end this edition with a scenario and question for all the hip hop heads out there that have been defending gangsta rap and explicit lyrics for the last 15 years as simply a way of expressing ourselves and nothing more...........

I was driving home from work yesterday when a song by Isaac Hayes came on the radio. I wasn't in a bad mood at the time but even if I was it would have been over with because it instantly brought a smile to my face. There are other songs that I can hear that can instantly make me cry or call my mama. My question is this, if there are love songs that make you happy, and like Billy Ocean said, sad songs to make you cry, then why would songs full of disrespect and hopelessness not make you disrespectful and hopeliess? If you listened to hours of music about bitches and whores, wouldn't you start looking at sisters as bitches and whores in some way? What about if everyday all you heard was how cool it was to be a hustler and kill a nigger? Eventually, some people will think it's cool to hustle and kill niggers too. No matter how much I love hip hop as a lifestyle and an art form, I can't look past the fact that ever since the first NWA album, the climate on the street has become progressively worse and rap music has now become the gospel music to the hustlers religion. Now, I have underground hip hop crawling out the speakers of my jeep every single day. However, at 30 years old, it would be foolish of me to think that some kids aren't adopting some of these lyrics as their doctrine for life.

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