Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cliff's Playoff Preview

Before we get into the second round, lets quickly review everything we learned from the first...
  • The five all around best players(Iverson, Kobe, Lebron, KG, and McGrady) are not even in the playoffs going into round two.
  • The Heat are a good team even without Shaq.
  • Yao Ming is overrated.
  • The Kings miss Chris Webber way more than they will admit.
  • Reggie Miller can't play two good games in a row anymore.
  • Vince Carter is still not ready to grab the spotlight on the big stage in the playoffs.

Now lets get to the round 2 matchups. I know the second round has started but I won't use the first games to change my mind out what will happen.

Heat vs. Wizards - The Heat will win this series because they have the better team all around but give the Wizards 2 games because they have three players that could all put up 30 at the same time......Heat 4-2

Pistons vs. Pacers - I know these two teams split the season series but the Pacers look a little worn down. I don't see this one going more than five games. The Pistons are in championship mode now. If Indiana had some scorers on their bench I would give them 2 games but I'm predicting this one as a wash out......Pistons 4-1

Spurs vs. Sonics - When Radmonivich and Ray Allen got hurt in game 1, the series was basically over. The only way the Sonics had a shot was if both of them could play and maybe outscore the Spurs. If they both are hurt for the whole series..............Spurs 4-0

Suns vs. Dallas - I picked Dallas to win this series and I am going to stick with that. Although, after watching what Amerie did to Erick Dampier in game one I am not so sure. My faith in Avery Johnson says that Dallas will come back. I hope I don't look stupid..........Dallas 4-3

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