Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Friends..........How many of us have them?

I'm not going to sit here and tell you guys how much I love my friends anymore. You know it and they know it. This time I am going to break down my different categories of friends and dedicated them to a person in my life. Some names may be changed to protect the guilty and curb confusion. Just remember I love everybody on this list.

The Childhood Friend that can't get right
Dedicated to D. Bateman
This is the type of friend that you grew up with and experienced all kinds of things with as a child. He grows up and becomes the most stupid person you know. You just can't figure out what his problem is. He usually has had a pretty good childhood which makes everything that more confusing as to why he is having the problems he has.
The Only Call When He is Down and Out Friend
Dedicated to Beedie B.
There is a chance that B might read this and be pissed with me for about 6 months. This is the friend that moves away and enjoys his life out of town until he runs into trouble. Then, he calls and shows all the love in the world usually ending in a request for a loan or a big ass favor. He knows you how you feel about him and won't say no if you can do it for you. This is the friend that will ask you to be his best man in his wedding and make you feel guilty for calling him ungrateful.
The Everybody is Looking at Me Friend
Dedicated to Tate
Everybody has a friend that they go places with and no matter how good you look or who the other person is, they always think the person is looking at them and not you. What are you trying to say? Do you think you like that better than me where you can't ever imagine that maybe one of those women in the barroom is looking at me? This is the type of friend that back in the days would have been shocked to see you with the girl from the club that he wanted to talk to.
The Old Habits are Hard to Break Friend
Dedicated to Joe E.
This is the friend that you go 6 months or more before talking to. As soon as he sees you, he rolls a blunt or goes and gets a bottle of gin like it's 1995. He just can't figure out that in ten years you might have changed a little bit. He might even ask you what's going on, hear what you say, and still pass the duche to his left hand side.
The I am Going to Get my Boy to Handle this Friend
Dedicated to Chris
This is the guy you don't be with allot as you get older because you always think he is a little destructive and potentially dangerous. However, if something in the "hood" should occur, this is the first person you call and he will be there before you hang up the phone. This is the friend your mama likes but she is kind of nervous about. to
The I Wouldn't do it Like that Friend
Dedicated to Wilma and Tate...Again.
This is the friend that always has a comment for everything you do. They don't like the way you drive, cook, talk, raise your kids, anything. You usually never see them doing too much they damn self but they always have something to say.
The Just a Little Too Ghetto Friend
Dedicated to Shandy and Carlette
These are the friends that you love to death but can't take anywhere in public because you just know that something will happen and the hood will come out of them.
The Man that is my Boy but I Never See Him Friend
Dedicated to Kenneth and Freddie
I am dedicating this last category to my two boys because we have never had a bad time, a disagreement or an awkward moment. For some strange reason we just don't see one another that much anymore but when we do, it's like nothing ever happened.

Now lets hope none of these people read this post.

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