Sunday, May 15, 2005

What Daddy Told Me

One day I am going to write a book called What Daddy Told Me just to show my daddy that I was listening to all the quotes and philosophy he's dropped over the years. I take almost everything he says to heart and try to apply them to my life. When things get shaky I pull out the Cliff Archives and find some advice that fits. I figured I would share this one with everybody since we could all use it. He told me this one around 1987 or 88 when I was a young teenager and we were riding in the truck together.

Two men are born at the same time. One man lives to be 26 and the other man lives to be 100. Now, if the man that lived to be 100 was sad and miserable for the last 75 years of his life , did he really outlive the man that died at 26? The 26 year old man was blessed because for every one of those 26 years he loved every minute. The meaning of that is that it makes no sense living a long time if you are not going to enjoy the time that God gives you.

Yes I remember almost everything Big Cliff has ever told me. Don't ever tell me black fathers don't matter.

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