Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 8

Lost in Transition
I think I just lost the best thing I have ever written on this blog due to a problem with Blogger and IE. I am logged in now to Mozilla from now on to make all my post. I was really pissed and planned on a evil tirade on this site and Microsoft for losing my thoughts but it's ok. I have a feeling that for whatever reason that post was not meant to be read by anyone else. Maybe my guardian angel scrambled my signal in order to save me from unnecessary analysis. If that's the case then thank you. I won't repeat what I wrote a few moments ago because it just came out of me. I won't even mention what it was about. I all I know it was very therapeutic for me just to but it on paper. So now I will move on..................But damn that post was written real well!

20's vs. 30's
You know in my early 20's whenever I was bothered by something, there was a four part system to getting it off of my mine. I called it the Four W method; Women, Whiskey, Work and Wrestling. A combination of those always seem to do the trick. Now in my early 30's I haven't perfected the method for feeling better and releasing my mind yet. That is a work in progress and I will have it together soon.

Inspired by Tara, Kristie from Ez2njoyu, and almost every other 30-35 year old I have talked to recently.
You know one problem our generation has? We have been so brainwashed by standards of living in the media that when we are 30 we feel like the end is near and whatever we are now will be forever. My grandfather was 89 when he passed away in March. My dad is 55 and has two younger siblings. That means that Big Walter had 3 children after the age of 33. If my grandfather would have had the attitude in his 30's that we have in our 30's now, I wouldn't even be here. My daddy wouldn't either for that matter. 30 is not the age to gauge what you did with your life. Hell, my mama graduated from college at 51. We all just need to calm down, have a little more fun around here and stop letting people tell us how much and how long it should take us to feel successful. Life can be long if you live right. You don't want to be miserable for 75 years. Did everybody read what daddy said?

I need to read it again my damn self........

Before I close this post I want to thank you to Yolanda from Yo's Vibe for the words I am given. We will start that joint project again soon. I also want to tell anybody that reads my blog, they should click on the Nappy Diatribe link and read the HumanityCritic. He is my favorite blogger on the internet and he writes the illest sh@t on any blog.

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