Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 7

It sure feels good to not feel stressed for a change. I actually had some clear thought for a couple of days. In light of that, I am going to try and be positive for as long as I can. The weather is getting hot and things are changing all around. I think I am changing too. Since the news is full of bad news and depressing stories, there won't be too much of that being talked about around here this week.

The strangest thing I saw the last few days was a lady in her 60's showing off the big tattoo on her arm for Mother's Day. That's the gift that keeps on giving.

Inspired by last weekend...Everybody has a friend that only wants to hang out when their mate goes somewhere on their own. They come and take over your house for the evening and act like they never want to leave.

Inspired by a conversation at work today....These are the five songs that you don't play at a wedding. 1. As We Lay, 2. Me and Mrs. Jones, 3. Secret Lovers, 4. Everything I miss at home, and 5. Agony and Ecstasy

Dave Chappelle is in a mental institution in South Africa. I never seen 50 million dollars make a black man go so crazy. I can finish writing the third season for 5 million and the only thing that will drive me crazy is all the times I would count my money.

I have to admit I have been real hard on hip hop on my blog lately but I must say I have some new excitement. The new songs I heard from Freeway, Nappy Roots, Common and that damn Dear Summer song by JayZ ; who retired just when he found his flow.

Serious message from Clifton: One day when I was 16, I was sitting on the steps of one of my neighborhood friends. We were all just hanging out doing nothing when all of a sudden the subject of money and the future came up. I listened to every single person sitting on that step talk about their plans. Everybody wanted to either be a drug dealer, rob a drug dealer, or find some drugs to sell. I knew right then and there that if I wanted to have any kind of future I had to remove myself from those guys and that mind state no matter how long I knew them. The moral of the story is that there is no amount of loyalty to your hood or your street that requires you throw your life away. In the end, you will be judged alone.

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