Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Verbal Gumbo #2

Rest in Peace Coretta Scott King

It's a quite a statement when the Senate confirms a judge like Mr. Alito on the same day Mrs. King passes away. It's symbolic of the direction of this country.

What is Al Sharpton fighting the Boondocks for? The Dr. King episode did absolutely nothing to disrespect Martin Luther King. In fact it was a tribute to his legacy that someone would think that if he were here, one speech could stop some of this B.S. going on.

What Mr. Sharpton needs to be worried about is the way black radio is now poisoning our young sisters and brothers' minds. 9:00 AM in the morning is too early to hear "I'm In Love with a Stripper".

Or maybe Al can come down here and help some of these families rebuild their homes.

Props to Jesse Jackson for opening up an office in New Orleans to help the recovery. It's just too bad he put Cleo Fields in charge and wiped out all legitimacy. I saw Cleo stuffing that money in his tight jeans from Edwin Edwards and you can bet the minute he tries to say something they are going to pull that out of the archives.

Why is BET producing a show that profiles Lil Kim like she is a hero for her dumb ass going to jail?

Master P has set New Orleans reputation for having rhythm all the way back to when Louis Armstrong was an infant with his performance on Dancing with the Stars. The funniest thing is when he gets mad at the judges when they insult his routine. I just hope he doesn't go off on screen.

I have already gotten in trouble for this sentiment with my friend in Cincinnati, but Jamie Foxx's special was not that good and I don't really think he can sing all that great. I admire his acting talent, the way he carries himself and the he never embarrasses the race on TV but he is not supposed to be singing duets with Stevie Wonder.

I have been trying to figure out how to explain to people that are not from new Orleans what coming back to the city this week is like. I think I got it. ...........Think of a close love one. Now imagine that love one stabbing you in the chest and hitting your mama in the head with a brick. Now imagine going back to live with that person 4 months later just to get paid.

My confidence in the recovery is really low considering that I didn't vote for any of the four people directly connected to it (councilwoman, mayor, governor or president). At least one of my candidates could have won and gave me some hope.

Observation: Ever noticed how the people with the nastiest attitudes online that can't get along with anyone and complain about everybody they meet always seem to be logged on 24 hours a day?

If Terrence Howard wins an Oscar wins the Academy Award for playing a pimp, I will go to see Brokeback Mountain twice.

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