Monday, January 23, 2006

The True Thugs of New Orleans

The other night I had a conversation with a friend of mine about going home. He made the following comment, "Man, I just hope that those ignorant ass thugs that want to shoot everybody and smoke all that dope stay away. The city will be much better if they stay where they were evacuated to." He may have a point but what about the thugs that did much more damage than any little street kid with his pants hanging low ever did. What about the politicians that could have used all the grants and government contracts to make black owned businesses successful and grow the job market but in turn spread all the money around between their family and close friends? What about all the school board members and school system employees(not the teachers, you guys are great and it takes a dedicated person to stay in New Orleans to teach)who year after year misused, stole and lost millions of dollars that the school system could have used to make education better? They are responsible for allot of the thugs you see walking around hopeless. What about the New Orleans Levee Board who obviously never inspected one damn levee in the entire city. These people have the best appointed positions in the city and didn't do anything. More than a thousand people died in the city. That's more than any "thug" ever killed in a street battle. What about all the landlords who refused to fix or improve any of their property before the storm and haven't done a damn thing to get any of it ready for people to return? I won't even mention all the crooked policemen that were shopping in everyone's house when they left. So now the issue is who really deserves to come back. Who has really done the most damage to the hood? In my opinion, I would rather have the street soldiers than a bunch of fake ass leaders. At least in the streets I know who and who not to trust.


Bullet Proof Diva said...

You have a point...neither of them are that uplifting to the community, and the leaders have the power to jack things up more than the street thugs....either way, God help you all. The growing pains could get bad.

The Book said...

I Feel That man, It's a whole lot of Talkin' and not enough Doing.

I man cant Do.. its His team that Does.. and usually they Don't Do anything.

Now They HAVE to do something and they cant because there not there to do