Thursday, January 19, 2006

Verbal Gumbo # 1

Where do I sign up for the bad levee design law suit?

Nothing puts material things into perspective more than seeing your home gutted.

Nothing puts life and love in perspective like going into your missing grandma's house to look for her body.

Nothing brings more confusion and hope at the same time as not finding it.

The state of Texas is blaming New Orleans people for every crime since Kennedy was assassinated.

Some friends want you to listen, and some are there to listen to you. If you know the difference none of your friends will aggravate you.

What is New Orleans going to do in 2007 when 100,000 black people come back home with or without housing?

This may sound crazy but here it goes. The one thing people from New Orleans have always felt is that we had cornered the market on ignorant Negroes. After living away from home, it's good to know that ignorant Negroes grow in all 50 states.

Homesickness is a horrible thing when you can't really go back.

With all the songs about black men seeing sisters as nothing but a piece of meat and all the news of athletes kicking their woman's ass, how about some love for Antonio Davis for going into the stands and protecting his queen last night.

If there is such a thing as pride in your community, how come the smartest people the hood produces usually leave and never come back?

As a matter of fact, we even praise all the people who make it out just for the fact that they made it out.

This needs to be said: I hate Paul Wall because I feel he is imitating the most negative aspects of our people and every rapper or fan that supports him is a coon. At least Eminem acts like a white boy that just happens to hang out with black dudes. Paul Wall is the Al Josen of the new millennium.

If Martin Luther King was here he would have a meeting with the Laffy Taffy Dudes....And Mike Jones....And Lil John...And hundreds of local artists who are far more worst than anything you see on BET.

Anybody that has more money in their mouth than what their house is worth needs their ass kicked.

A cultural war is brewing below the surface in the black community. The combatants will all be under the age of 40.

Where in the Hell is?
Ce Ce Penisten
That beautiful sister from the Thriller video
Sandra from the Cosby Show
Both Lionels from the Jeffersons

Age and time are a bitch. There is absolutely nothing I believed in at 21 that I feel the exact same way about at 31.........Except for Chaka Khan.

Chaka, if you are searching for your name one night and happen to pull this up on Google, please send me an email and change my life.

Does anyone else have a hard time listening to any NWA song with Eazy E rhyming about sex?

Where is the next Donny Hathaway, Luther, Marvin?

I'm not homophobic but Brokeback Mountain is a little too much for me.

Thank you Yolanda for helping me with the title.

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