Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another Car Shopping Story

Saturday morning I got up and saw an ad in the paper about a car I wanted to check out. I got dressed and drove over to the dealership in question. The lady that was handling the car selling duties was really nice and worked with me the best she could. After settling on a nice affordable car, I went inside of the office with her husband that we will call "Crazy White dude". While Crazy white dude was typing up my paperwork, a gentleman that we will call "Old black dude" walked in with his daughter. The following scene played out as I was sitting in between them.

CWD: Can I help you?
OBD: I am here to talk with you about my daughter's 400.00 deposit.
CWD: I think you need to just pay me for the car.
OBD: But we don't want to car.
CWD: Look man, pay me for the motherf@@#king car! I am tired of this Sh@#! OBD: Look, there is no need to be cursing us!

At this point Crazy White Dude proceeds to pull out a 9mm pistol and stick it in the face of Old Black Dude. Now folks, I have been on the scene of too many street fights, robberies, and turf wars in the Ninth Ward in my youth to come all the way to Jackson Mississippi and get caught up in a gun battle for 400.00. The old dude and his daughter took off across the street and so did I. The next hour after that was spent giving my account to the police. I felt obligated to do it. The old gentleman was just trying to talk to the man and got a gun in his face. If the situation would have been reversed, imagine how many police would have been around to take down the brother. What kind of man would I be if I stood there and still gave this man my money after he did something like that? Needless to say I still don't have a car. That kind of thing would have never happened in New Orleans. If you pull a gun on a family in the hometown, you better be ready to use it. If not, you had better call the police yourself for your own protection. I was just starting to like this place and was thinking about staying. Now I am ready to go back to New Orleans. I just need to find a car.

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